Marilyn Zuccarelli retire 

Marilyn Zuccarelli

Wheel-Trans Accounting Co-ordinator Marilyn Zuccarelli, centre, said so long to the Finance Department in January after more than 30 years of service. At her retirement send-off, she was joined by her sister, Jo-Anne Fabbro; daughters Jaqueline and Danielle; mom, Mary Camilleri; and husband, Jim Lee, Head of Materials and Procurement.

Lorne Massena retire 

Lorne Massena

Congratulations to Finance’s Research Analyst Lorne Massena, centre, on his retirement after more than 34-and-a-half years of service. He was thanked for his dedicated service by Chief Financial Officer Michael Roche, right, and Statistics Director Vince Cosentino, left.

Marg Ketcheson retire

Marg Ketcheson

Operator Marg Ketcheson was given a fond farewell at Russell Division recently. She said goodbye after nearly 28 years of service with the TTC. Wishing her well were Shop Steward Douglas Pickering, left, and Assistant Manager Lincoln Calvo, right.

Victor Esdelle retire 

Victor Esdelle

Operator Victor Esdelle celebrated retirement at Russell Division. He was joined by family members, including his wife, Marilyn; daughter Mickella; and son, Roger. Friends and co-workers at Russell helped celebrate Esdelle’s 27-and-a-half years of service with the TTC.

Dan Patrick retire

Dan Patrick

Staff Sergeant Dan Patrick said farewell to the Criminal Investigation Unit after more than 26 years. CEO Andy Byford congratulated him on his long service. Chief People Officer Gemma Piemontese presented Patrick with this retirement certificate.

Phynix Lake retire

Phynix Lake

Transit Special Constable Phynix Lake, right, was given a farewell salute from co-workers in Transit Enforcement recently. Chief Special Constable Mark Cousins, left, presented him with his retirement certificate for more than 27 years of service.

 Remo Paolucci retire 

Remo Paolucci

General Repairperson/Painter Remo Paolucci, seated, said goodbye to the TTC after more than 30 years of service. He was thanked and congratulated by Supervisor Peter Coutts and carhouse workers at Russell in late December.

Joseph Zahra retire 

Joseph Zahra

Overhaul Escalator Mechanic Joseph Zahra called it a career after 35 years of service with the Commission. He was thanked and congratulated by Elevating Devices Manager Dexter Collins.

Anne Tyrrell retireAnne Tyrrell retire

Anne Tyrrell

The Diversity and Human Rights Department recently congratulated Human Rights Consultant Anne Tyrrell, centre, on her retirement. She said so long to the TTC after more than 28 years of service. Inset: CEO Andy Byford presented Tyrrell with the traditional silver pass.

Domenic Colosimo retire

Domenic Colosimo

Overhaul Escalator Mechanic Domenic Colosimo, right, said goodbye to the TTC after nearly 32 years of service. He was thanked and congratulated by Elevating Devices Manager Dexter Collins.

Mike Lawless retire

Mike Lawless

Coach Technician Mike Lawless and his wife, Sharon, recently celebrated retirement at Arrow Road Garage after more than 17 years of service with the TTC.

Tony Creazzo retire

Tony Creazzo

Tony Creazzo, Head of Operations Financial Control, right, was congratulated on his long career with the TTC. After close to 38 years of service, he received his retirement certificate earlier in the year from CEO Andy Byford at Head Office.


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