Pensioners Reception 2015

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  1. SEBASTIAN SCHEMBRI, 30 years, 9 months

    From Materials and Procurement, Sebastian Schembri with his wife, Louise.
  2. ANTONIO TUAZON, 25 years, 11 months

    From Bus Transportation, Antonio Tuazon with his wife, Myrna.
  3. TOM SHERIDAN, 34 years

    From Subway Transportation, Tom Sheridan with his wife, Trish.
  4. GEORGE MENDES, 29 years, 9 months

    From Bus Transportation, George Mendes with his wife, Judy.
  5. ALLAN TIMMS, 24 years, 9 months

    From Bus Transportation, Allan Timms with his wife, Nancy.
  6. DEBBIE BATSTONE, 29 years, 4 months

    From Finance, Debbie Batstone and her husband, Bob.
  7. DAVE HUGHES, 42 years, 4 months

    From Revenue Operations, Dave Hughes and his wife, Maria.
  8. BRUNO IANNACITO, 37 years, 4 months

    From Human Resources, Bruno Iannacito his wife, Lily.
  9. SHELLY DILMAN, 30 years, 7 months

    From Subway Transportation, Shelly Dilman with his wife, Yona.
  10. CESAR ESCUDERO-WHU, 31 years, 7 months

    From Bus Maintenance and Shops, Cesar Escudero-Whu with his wife, Norma.
  11. STEPHEN GARDNER, 34 years, 4 months

    From Subway Infrastructure, Stephen Gardner with his wife, Paula.
  12. DINDIAL MISSIR, 27 years, 3 months

    From Stations, Dindial Missier with his wife, Kaylas.
  13. HANIFMOHAMED MOHAMED, 27 years, 2 months

    From Bus Maintenance and Shops, Hanifmohamed Mohamed with his wife, Zuleka.
  14. MIKE DONKNER, 33 years, 9 months

    From IT Services, Mike Donkner with his wife, Kathy.
  15. ROGER FOSTER, 27 years, 10 months

    From Bus Maintenance and Shops, Roger Foster with his wife, Cetia.
  16. MARK ELLARD, 31 years, 9 months

    From Service Delivery Control, Mark Ellard with his wife, Rose.
  17. DOMENICO SUPPA, 37 years

    From Bus Maintenance and Shops, Domenico Suppa with his wife, Carmela.
  18. CARMEL MERCIECA, 40 years, 1 month

    From Bus Maintenance and Shops, Carmel Mercieca with his wife, Teresa.
  19. VINCENZO DEVITO, 31 years, 9 months

    From Stations, Vincenzo DeVito with his wife, Nina.
  20. ROCCO PAGNIELLO, 40 years

    Retired from Malvern Division.
  21. WILLAM ENGLAND, 42 years, 1 month

    Retired from Greenwood Shop.
  22. NOOR YUSUF, 33 years, 4 months

    Reitred from Transit Control.
  23. CHERYL BILLINGHAM, 17 years, 4 months

    Retired from Russell Division.
  24. LARRY ARMSTRONG, 33 years, 10 months

    Retired from Queensway Division.
  25. DANNY BOND, 37 years

    Retired from Greenwood Carhouse.
  26. JOEYANNE BURY-GAWN, 21 years, 3 months

    Retired from Collectors Division.
  27. JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, 35 years, 1 month

    Retired Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Subway Operations.
  28. RAY SOBLE, 30 years, 3 months

    Retired from Birchmount Division.
  29. MOHAMED NOTTA, 29 years, 6 months

    Retired from Duncan Shop.
  30. BRUCE BRYER, 33 years, 6 months

    Retired from Collectors Division
  31. ELIZABETH STERRITT, 31 years, 1 month

    From Bus Transportation, Elizabeth Sterritt with her husband, Bill.
  32. JAMES BYERS, 17 years, 3 months

    From Bus Transportation, James Byers with his wife, Kathleen.
  33. ALLAN CLEMENTS, 28 years, 4 months

    From Bus Transportation, Allan Clements with his wife, Cathy.
  34. MARK BARBEAU, 31 years, 6 months

    From Bus Maintenance and Shops, Mark Barbeau with his wife, Sue.
  35. NOEL OCARROLL, 31 years, 10 months

    From Streetcar Transportation, Noell OCarroll with his wife, Jasmine.
  36. MICHAELL VELLA, 29 years, 8 months

    Retired from Surface Track Maintenance.
  37. EULOGIO ESTACIO, 29 years, 10 months

    From Subway Infrastructure, Eulogio Estacio with his wife, Aurelia.
  38. SALIM HIRJI, 34 years, 5 months

    Retired from Eglinton Division.
  39. TREVOR BROOKS, 33 years, 8 months

    From Streetcar Transportation, Trevor Brooks with his wife, Rosalie.
  40. JIM ANDERSON, 29 years

    From Subway Transportation, Jim Anderson with his wife, Shannon.
  41. ROBERT WARD, 28 years, 4 months

    From Bus Transportation, Robert Ward with his wife, Vicky.
  42. BRIAN FAIRBRASS, 32 years, 2 months

    From Rail Cars and Shops, Brian Fairbrass with his wife, Ann.
  43. JOHN TAYLOR, 28 years, 8 months

    Retired from Danforth Division.
  44. CHERYL MCDONALD, 29 years, 2 months

    Retired from Finance, Accounting and Audit.
  45. NAJMOOL HOSEIN, 25 years

    From Bus Maintenance and Shops, Najmool Hosein with his daughter, Farisha.

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