Pensioners Reception 2014

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  1. WESLEY THOMAS, 40 years

    Rail Cars and Shops' Wesley Thomas with his wife, Louise.
  2. ANGIE CHIAPPETTA, 38 years, 7 months

    Pensions' Angie Chiapetta with Pension Office's Katelyn Steadman.
  3. GRAHAM LOW, 29 years, 7 months

    Bus Maintenance and Shops' Graham Low with his wife, Susan.
  4. ROBERT MATTEN, 36 years, 4 months

    Streetcar's Robert Matten with his wife, Debbie.
  5. DAVID KEMP, 35 years, 10 months

    Bus Transportation's David Kemp with his wife, Karen.
  6. ANGELO PASQUARELLI, 33 years, 5 months

    Bus Maintenance and Shops' Angelo Pasquarelli with his wife, Judy.
  7. PHILIP BURTON, 29 years, 1 month

    Bus Transportation's Philip Burton with his wife, Ava.
  8. BRENDA ROSS, 27 years, 1 month

    Subway Transportation's Brenda Ross with her husband, Darrell.
  9. GARY SAUL, 32 years, 3 months

    Bus Transportation's Gary Saul with his wife, Joanne.
  10. STEPHEN GREEN, 33 years

    Streetcar Maintenance's Stephen Green with his wife, Michelle.
  11. ANTHONY PASQUARIELLO, 32 years, 10 months

    Bus Transportation's Anthony Pasquariello with his wife, Raziah.
  12. THOMAS ROURKE, 32 years, 8 months

    Subway Infrastructure's Thomas Rourke with his wife, Colleen.
  13. FRANCESCO PETITTI, 31 years, 7 months

    Bus Maintenance and Shops' Francesco Petitti with his wife, Nina.
  14. DOMENIC GARISTO, 33 years, 11 months

    EC&E's Domenic Garisto with his wife, Viana.
  15. DOUG FEARON, 36 years

    Subway Transportation's Doug Fearon with his wife, Laura.
  16. DIANAND BAJNAUTH, 27 years

    Subway Transportation's Dianand Bajnauth with his wife, Mary.
  17. LEONIDES LEMA, 24 years

    Bus Transportation's Leonides Lema with her daughter, Alejandra.
  18. IGNACIO DETABLAN, 37 years, 2 months

    Rail Cars and Shops' Ignacio Detablan with his wife, Lilian.
  19. SHAMBHU SINGH, 25 years, 4 months

    Rail Cars and Shops' Shambhu Singh with his wife, Renu.
  20. NIZAR PREMJI, 11 years, 1 month

    Stations' Nizar Premji, right, with friend, Javed Mohammed.
  21. MOEZ KASSAM, 24 years, 4 months

    Stations' Moez Kassam with his wife, Naila.
  22. LIAM MONKS, 29 years, 1 month

    Stations' Liam Monks with his wife, Dolores.
  23. PAUL DIAS, 17 years, 2 months

    Plant Maintenance's Paul Dias with his wife, Theodora.
  24. SHERWIN DRIEBERG, 32 years, 6 months

    Retired from Lakeshore Garage.
  25. MICHAEL MURPHY, 35 years

    Bus Transportation's Michael Murphy with his wife, Janet.
  26. SAMUEL UTON, 39 years, 1 month

    Retired from Davisville Carhouse.
  27. MARIA PERAGINE, 28 years, 4 months.

    Retired from Plant Maintenance, Building Services.
  28. GERALD COBHAM, 30 years, 3 month

    Retired from Mount Dennis Division.

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