Pensioners Reception 2013

Retirement Reception Night

The Pension Fund Society’s Annual Retirees Reception is the TTC’s opportunity to collectively thank and honour those employees (and their spouse) who have retired over the past year. Congratulations to the more than 380 men and women who said goodbye to the Commission in 2013.

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  1. EARLYN ALEXANDER, 32 years, 2 months

    McCowan Carhouse's Earlyn Alexander with his wife, Annette.
    retiree reception

    Left: Collector Robert Barnes (26 years), Collector Cecelia Parker (26 years, 1 month), Mount Dennis Operator Catherine Egan (29 years) and Mount Dennis Operator Terry Neuman (31 years, 6 months).
    retiree reception
  3. BEV DEALHOY, 40 years, 1 month

    Customer Service Centre's Bev Dealhoy and her husband, Doug.
    retiree reception
  4. BRIAN MOUNCE, 33 years

    Wilson Garage's Brian Mounce and his wife, Brenda Cordero.
    retiree reception
  5. CATHIE SKELLY, 23 years, 4 months

    Retired from Station Services in Plant Maintenance.
    retiree reception
  6. TONY DEGASPERIS, 29 years, 9 months

    Arrow Road Garage's Tony DeGasperis and his wife, Wendy Varty.
    retiree reception
  7. DOUGLAS HILL, 29 years

    Collectors' Douglas Hill and his wife, Jacqueline, with CEO Andy Byford.
    retiree reception
  8. JOHN BROWN, 31 years and 1 month

    Collectors'/Local 113 Union Representative John Brown and his wife, Eleanor McKnight.
    retiree reception
  9. FRANCIS MURPHY, 33 years

    Retired Operator from Roncesvalles Division.
    retiree reception
  10. JOHN HOOL, 36 years, 4 months

    Rail Infrastructure's John Hool and his wife, Dee.
    retiree reception
  11. LISA COOK, 34 years, 4 months

    Pension Fund Society's Lisa Cook, right, pictured with co-worker, Katelyn Steadman, from Pensions.
    retiree reception
  12. LOU VERI, 31 years, 4 months

    Retired Instructor from Training and Development.
    retiree reception
  13. VINCE MARRESE, 24 years

    Queensway Garage's Vince Maresse and his wife, Marie.
    retiree reception
  14. MARY ZIGOMANIS, 37 years, 5 months

    Office of the CEO's Mary Zigomanis, left, with her cousin, Helen Papas, right.
    retiree reception
  15. TOM MCPHERSON, 34 years, 4 months

    Wheel-Trans' Tom McPherson and his wife, Kelly.
    retiree reception
  16. DONALD MILLER, 40 years

    Retired from Greenwood Shop in Rail Cars and Shops.
    retiree reception
  17. DEBBIE PARCHER, 33 years, and PETER DAVIS, 34 years, 1 month

    Left: : Chief Financial and Administration Officer Vincent Rodo, Collectors' Debbie Parcher, Revenue Operations' Peter Davis, CEO Andy Byford and Acting Chief Customer Officer Bob Hughes.
    retiree reception
  18. PAUL KROHM, 31 years, 5 months

    Retired Manager from Arrow Road Garage.
    retiree reception
  19. CESAR PERALTA, 19 years, 7 months

    Rail Infrastructure's Cesar Peralta and his wife, Yolanda.
    retiree reception
  20. TREVOR PLUMMER, 35 years, 2 months

    Malvern Division's Trevor Plummer pictured with CEO Andy Byford.
    retiree reception
  21. RICK HOLLI, 29 years, 3 months

    Engineering, Construction and Expansion's Rick Holli and his wife, Beth.
    retiree reception
  22. RICK THOMPSON, 32 years, 7 months

    Engineering, Construction and Expansion's Rick Thompson pictured with co-worker, Myra Tingey.
    retiree reception
  23. ROCCO SERRAVITE, 26 years, 4 months

    Retired from Duncan Shop in Bus Maintenance and Shops.
    retiree reception
  24. STEVE ANKER, 31 years, 10 months

    Transit Control's Steve Anker with his son, Andrew, from Birchmount Division.
    retiree reception
  25. VINCE CERULLI, 37 years, 4 months

    Retired from Building Equipment in Plant Maintenance.
    retiree reception
  26. IAN WARD, 40 years, 1 month

    Rail Cars and Shops' Ian Ward and his wife, Michelle.
    retiree reception

    Left: Russell Operator Brian Watts (29 years), Russell Operator Kenneth Borisko (28 years, 1 month) and his wife, Kathy, and Russell Operator Michael Adams (26 years) and his wife, Patty.
    retiree reception
  28. WILLIAM HOLDEN, 30 years

    Retired from Wilson Garage in Bus Maintenance and Shops.
    retiree reception
  29. GIUSEPPE ZAMMITO, 38 years, 9 months

    Harvey Shop's Giuseppe Zammito and his wife, Anna.
    retiree reception
  30. BARBARA FOWLER, 25 years

    Arrow Road Garage's Barbara Fowler, right, and friend, Evelyn Godfrey, left.
    retiree reception

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