November 2014 miles

40 Years

Human Resources: Debra Gyorkos

30 Years

Bus Transportation: Salvatore Campanella
Stations: Allan Eslinger, Brian Hemming, Janet Woodward
Strategy/Service Planning: Michael Galea
Subway Transportation: Murray Hill, Robert Price, Gus Puopolo
Training/Development: Charles Goldhang

20 Years

Spadina Subway Extension: Snezana Pupavac

10 Years

Bus Maintenance: Atul Kaushal, Erik Nielsen, James Turton, Robert Tyrrell
Bus Transportation: Tawfiq Abdullah, Dwayne Geddes, Sean Johnson, James Jung, Neil Larocca, Kyron Lewis, Marian Pottle, Meera Ragoo, Terrance Ryan, Paul Sarmiento, Louise Stewart Baptiste, Bonny Stroud, Walter Thompson, Alamo Wocker, David Woolridge
Customer Communications: Agnieszka Badzynski, Michael Colella
Customer Service Centre: Carol Barclay
Finance: Shahid Ahmad
Plant Maintenance: Chris La Forge, Avelino Moreira
Rail Cars/Shops: Patrick Brown, Eduino De Melo
Revenue Operations: Robert Wyss
Subway Transportation: William Allen, Nigel Anthony, Jeffrey Baker, Francisca Budree, Michael Fox, Alina Lakovnik, Robert Lawrence, Bryan Lewis, Kristie Mohr, David Peacock, Christopher Ryan,  Austin Vaz
Subway Infrastructure: William Ho, David Knox, Lindon Rampersad, Lixin Wu
Training/Development: Bruce Lawton
Wheel-Trans: Norine Findlay, Bryan Garcia, Roy Smith


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 New Corporate Plan cover

TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Advancing to the next level.

Corporate Notice

COVID-19 positive tests update.

From the CSO/CPO

Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Alexander, Bradley, Dempster, Dinally, Freeman, Holden, Mahmood, Perrotta, Piazza, Prosser, Quinnell, Salahudeen, Simone, Zahorbynsky.

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