March 2014 miles

40 Years

Legal/Claims: Paul Ballantine
Rail Cars/Shops: Rocco Pagniello

30 Years

Bus Maintenance: Diego Spano
Bus Transportation: Bill Keys, Paul Manuel, Lindsay Spence, Elizabeth Sterritt, John Yiouroukis
Plant Maintenance: Frank Maccarone, Mark Vincent
Stations/Collectors: Knox Robinson

20 Years

Bus Maintenance: Fred Calabro, Sherma Rollocks
Bus Transportation: Mario Alfano, Ronald Beaton, Teshome Belhu, Doug Bickell, Frank Cariati, Sue Cipollone, David Cronin, James Grier, Mark Holmes, Alfraser Lyon, Domenic Moscato, Gregory Taggart
Engineering: Tamas Vendely
Rail Infrastructure: Warren Haughie
Rail Transportation: Errol Alleyne, Chris Anton, Larry Bancsi, James Brouwer, Paul Burkholder, Keith Butler, Patricio Cespedes, Murray Conn, Judi Irvine, Andrew Martin, Robert Noble
Revenue Operations: Burkhard Neumann
Stations/Collectors: John Paul Attard, Karola Dearlove, Roy Lallkissoon, Paul Pimentel
Streetcar Maintenance: Ralph Mancini
Wheel-Trans: Denise Bowes, Valerie Brown

10 Years

Bus Maintenance: Patrick Dill, Scott MacGillivary, Henry Tablon
Bus Transportation: Abdi Aden, Steven Booth, Dave Boothe, Douglas Chassels, Eyarico Damene, Aldrin Esmaquel, Robert Giles, Drew Hannigan, James Johnston, Annu Kapur, Sharanjit Kumar, Joanne Laptiste, Peter Mc Kinnon, Geronima Murphy, Ranjit Sandhu, Gregory Simmonds, Michael Tompkins, Lajos Toth, Craig Walker, Quansheng Wu
Plant Maintenance: Kenrick Simon
Rail Infrastructure: Weiguo He, Silvio Sarro, Eric Tsang
Revenue Operations: Franc Wax
Training/Development: Barbara Battistuzzi, Kevin Boodram, Leslie Colson, Peter Wilkinson
Rail Transportation: John Carter, Rosito Guevara, Andrew McCurrie, Chiu Shee
Wheel-Trans: Evelyn Gartner, Barbara Kurelek, Siddeek Mahmood, Melissa Richards


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 New Corporate Plan cover

TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Advancing to the next level.

Corporate Notice

COVID-19 positive tests update.

From the CSO/CPO

Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Alexander, Bradley, Dempster, Dinally, Freeman, Holden, Mahmood, Perrotta, Piazza, Prosser, Quinnell, Salahudeen, Simone, Zahorbynsky.

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