February 2014 miles

40 Years

Rail Cars/Shops: Wesley Thomas 

30 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Peter Azevedo, Renata Kuzma 
Bus Transportation: Robert Boland, Ralph Ustianowski
Customer Communications: Mirella Ardizzi
IT Services: Robert Miller 
Materials/Procurement: Frederick Girardi
Rail Cars/Shops: Stephen Caporusso, Alan Connor, David Darcy, Emanuel Dellosso, Mike Pugliese
Rail Infrastructure: Frank Ammirante, Charles Bradash, John Fowlie, Kevin Hayhurst, Brian McTear, Stuart Rose 
Rail Transportation: Eddie Grant 
Stations/Collectors: Frank Guzzo, Richard Waylen
Strategy/Service Planning: Renato Gambin
Streetcar Maintenance: John Morrow 

20 Years

Bus Transportation: Christopher Abbott, Dalbir Dubb, Dawn Dudley, John Green, Kester Harris, Kathleen Kalinich, Steven Kriston, Cassandra Penney, Joan Pitters
Rail Transportation: Deborah Browne, Nick Martin, Luciano Tomei 
Stations/Collectors: Kenneth Benjamin, Joeyanne Bury Gawn, Richard Krzywonos

10 Years

Bus Transportation: Harvinder Bains, Kevin Bloor, Clark Bolt, Iqbal Chana, Theo Colangelo, David Farnsworth, Peter Gunn, Kimberley Hayward, William Kalina, Zahir Pardhan, Abdulaziz Punjani, Steven Small
Rail Cars/Shops: Lance Algar, Pino Antidormi, Allan Davidge, Daniel Fraser, Lawrence Headley, David Pierson, Palmer Tucciarone
Rail Infrastructure: Alan Lambert
Rail Transportation: Flavio Esposito, Robert Leighton, Joanna Morgan, Jamie Simpson
Revenue Operations: Michael Mitzakov
Wheel-Trans: Peter Gunn


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 New Corporate Plan cover

TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Advancing to the next level.

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COVID-19 positive tests update.

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Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Alexander, Bradley, Dempster, Dinally, Freeman, Holden, Mahmood, Perrotta, Piazza, Prosser, Quinnell, Salahudeen, Simone, Zahorbynsky.

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