December 2014 miles

30 Years

Bus Transportation: Tracey Learner, David Pearson, Luca Signorile, Gary Vandinther
Materials/Procurement: Giuseppe Perruccio
Rail Cars/Shops: Joe Badia, Paul Callaghan, Tony Costa, Greg Preston, Kevin Stewart
Streetcar: Benny Falotico, Danny Zammit
Subway Transportation: Randy Dinino, Cameron Morrison
Transit Enforcement Unit: Bob McConnell
Wheel-Trans: Steven Burnett

20 Years

IT Services: Ralph Boone
Rail Cars/Shops: Anthony Davis, Hidat Fetur
Stations: Joseph Virgilio 

10 Years

Bus Transportation: Donna Burman, Elesie Eke, Wayne Ferreira, Pardeep Gautam, Jennifer Menna, Eugene O’Neill, Fredrick Succi 
DCOO’s Office: Chris Syrette
Engineering: Paul Tanghal 
Streetcar: Jacob Scholl
Subway Infrastructure: Michele Manna, Mike Morihovitis, Keith Parrott, George Salvadori, Davian Scuric
Wheel-Trans: Paulo De Faria, Dean Milton


Lopreiato: 25 years

Recipient: Storeperson Ono Lopreiato, centre, reached his 25-year anniversary at the TTC. Location: Greenwood Carhouse Stores. Congratulated by: Area Supervisor David DiTaranto, left, and Distributed Inventory Control Manager Mike Le Pera, right.

Ono Lopreiato milestone

Saczkowski: 25 years

Recipient: Electrician Ed Saczkowski, left, celebrated a quarter-century of service recently. Location: Elevating Devices in Plant Maintenance. Presenter: Elevating Devices Manager Dexter Collins, right.

Ed Saczkowski milestone

Content: 25 years

Recipient: Afternoon Storeperson Debbie Content, centre, was congratulated by friends and co-workers on her 25th anniversary with the TTC. Location: Eglinton Garage Stores. Presenter: Materials Management Director Terry Webb, far left.

Debbie Content milestone

Creazzo: 25 years

Recipient: Senior Storeperson Sandro Creazzo, centre, received his 25-year print. Location: Malvern Garage Stores. Presenters: Area Supervisor John Locantore, left, and Distributed Inventory Control Manager Mike Le Pera, right.

Sandro Creazzo milestone

Welk: 10 years

Recipient: Investigator Dan Welk, centre, accepted his 10-year pin. Location: Criminal Investigation Unit in Human Resources. Presenters: Human Resources Head Gemma Piemontese, left, and Staff Sergeant Dan Patrick, right.

Dan Welk milestone

Lalji: 25 years

Recipient: Customs/Tax Analyst Nash Lalji, second from left, was congratulated on a quarter century of service with the Commission. Location: Treasury Services in Finance. Congratulated by: Chief Financial and Administration Officer Vincent Rodo, left, Chief Financial Officer Michael Roche, second from right, and Treasury Services Director Ralph Richardson, right.

Nash Lalji milestone

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Advancing to the next level.

Corporate Notice

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From the CSO/CPO

Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Bradley, Dempster, Holden, Salahudeen, Zahorbynsky.

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