December miles

30 Years

Bus Maintenance: Eugene Giunta, Aldo Misuraca
Bus Transportation: Paul Bayley, Catherine Collins, David Soucie
Materials/Procurement: Sam Abate, Eddie Cabral
Rail Transportation: James McCuaig, Ellen Small, Douglas Smith
Stations: Vincenzo DeVito

20 Years

Bus Transportation: Scott Bowie, Elizabeth Briscoe, Brian Settle, Constantino Sfetcos, Kenneth Trimble
Engineering: Sonja Bogoslavov
Rail Transportation: Craig Borotsik, John Cote, James Love
Stations: Michael Sniderman

10 Years

Bus Maintenance: Mike Belchior, Guido Di Domenico, Colin Farnworth, Hartley Greenspan, Andrew McPhail, Carmen Miller, Eva Olah
Bus Transportation: Gregory Blanchard
Engineering: Michael Verdun
Materials/Procurement: Robert Colavecchia
Plant Maintenance: Chris Karavanas, Stephen Mapes
Rail Cars/Shops: Lenny Ianni, Walter Logue
Stations: Safdar Malik, Nizam Tullah
Wheel-Trans: Karen Amoss, Stephen Brumpton, David Freeman, James Spence


Four decades of service

TTC Chair Karen Stintz, and Commissioners, congratulated the following 13 employees on 40 years of dedicated service in late 2013:

40 years service

David Crockford, Overhead Foreperson, 40 years

40 years service

William England, Rail Vehicle Analyzer, 40 years

40 years service

Robert Fraser, Engineering Technologist, 40 years

40 years service

Thomas Green, Electronic Equipment Repairperson, 40 years

40 years service

Vincent Varano, Slip/Wicket Clerk, 40 years

40 years service

Eric Humphrey, Collector, 40 years

40 years service

Ian Ward, Rail Cars and Shops, 40 years (now retired)

40 years service

Donald Miller, Rail Cars and Shops, 40 years (now retired)

Not pictured: Valentino DiDomizio, Operations Financial Analyst; William Hill, Queensway Operator; Lou Melito, District Office Supervisor; Wolfgang Thonert, Wilson Subway Operator; and Bev Dealhoy, Customer Service Centre (now retired).

Latest News

 New Corporate Plan cover

TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Advancing to the next level.

Corporate Notice

COVID-19 positive tests update.

From the CSO/CPO

Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Bradley, Dempster, Holden, Salahudeen, Zahorbynsky.

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