August miles

30 Years

Bus Maintenance: Bill Rudychuk 

CSO’s Office: Mark Ellard 

Plant Maintenance: Cliff Fowler, Robert Langille 

Rail Cars/Shops: Bernard Luke

Stations: Ralph Cuda 

20 Years

Rail Infrastructure: Rick Knox 

10 Years

Bus Maintenance: Salvatore Vinci

Bus Transportation: Kenneth Azuma, Brian BeHarry, Devon Brown, Waldemar Nowak

Customer Communications: Shane MacDonald

Plant Maintenance: Paul Angrove, Rocco Ciampolillo, John Compton, Gary Durnin, Donald Kucharczuk 

Rail Transportation: Alfie Hokan, Abdigafar Hussein, Craig Nembhard, Graeme Rushforth, Daud Sharifi

Rail Cars/Shops: Luis Bagnasco

Rail Infrastructure: Paulo Da Costa, Jaejun Han, Wayne Hadaway, Bryce Jimmo

Streetcar Maintenance: Joel Barber


Latest News

 New Corporate Plan cover

TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Advancing to the next level.

Corporate Notice

COVID-19 positive tests update.

From the CSO/CPO

Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Bradley, Dempster, Holden, Salahudeen, Zahorbynsky.

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Spring Milestones