December 2019 milestones

40 Years

Revenue Operations: Brian Barnett

30 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Linda Grey
Bus Transportation: Giovannino Dimarino, Gary Molloy, Victor Pires, Kevin Ward
Plant Maintenance: Hazel Peters
Stations: Yasin Saleemi
Subway Infrastructure: Paul Cuss

25 Years

IT Services: Ralph Boone
Rail Cars/Shops: Hidat Fetur
Streetcar Maintenance: Anthony Davis
Subway Transportation: Joseph Virgilio

20 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Dimaz Ladak
Bus Transportation: Philip Anjo
Human Resources: Rita Lunardo
Safety/Environment: Marcia Williams
Stations: Darren Duff
Subway Transportation: Barry Appleton, Malcolm Macpherson, Randal Northey, Robert Phillips
Wheel-Trans: Risto Temelkovski

15 Years

ATC Project: Chris Syrette
Bus Transportation: Donna Burman, Wayne Ferreira, Pardeep Gautam, Jennifer Menna, Eugene O’Neill, Fredrick Succi
Engineering: Paul Tanghal
Materials/Procurement: Keith Parrott
Plant Maintenance: Mike Morihovitis, Davian Scuric
Streetcar Infrastructure: Michele Manna, Giorgio Salvadori, Jacob Scholl
Subway Transportation: Elesie Eke
Wheel-Trans: Dean Milton

10 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: David Arnott, Cyril Maclure
Community Relations: David Nagler, Lito Romano
Engineering: Yanjuan Cheng, Mariadivina Oberes
IT Services: Michael Cregan, Carlos Guerra, Carolyn Ross
Plant Maintenance: Rade Batinic, Raieda Jirjis, Lukas Turczyn
Rail Cars/Shops: Jody Hudlin
Streetcar Infrastructure: Bill Allgood
Subway Infrastructure: Eugen Popa
Subway Transportation: Michael Hawkins

5 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Michele Annicchiarico, Clarence Badua, Nelson Cabral, Duncan Osborne, Ryan Sexton, Mahendra Vara
Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan
Finance: Daniele De Fusco
Human Resources: Mahsa Redjvani
OTC: Ayana Grant
Plant Maintenance: Colin Appleton, Antonio Augurusa, Jeremy Smith
Rail Cars/Shops: Rajinder Deol, Benjamin Stone 
Safety/Environment: Amanda Sonier
Subway Infrastructure: Carlos Alvarado, Pedro Alvarado Carranza, Geovanni Carrillo Ruiz

Roncesvalles milestone

Mior: 15 years

Recipient: Vehicle Repairperson Luch Mior, right, marked 15 years of service with the TTC. Location: Roncesvalles Carhouse. Congratulated by: Foreperson Joe Perruccio, left.

Construction milestone

Garcia: 10 years

Recipient: Construction Engineer Sandra Garcia received her 10-year long-service pin. Location: Construction Department. Congratulated by: Construction Management Services Manager Vlado Dimovski, left, and Deputy Construction Manager Darin Boxleitner, right.

Roncesvalles milestone

Kwan: 30 years

Recipient: Vehicle Technician Arnold Kwan, left, celebrated 30 years of service with the Commission. Location: Roncesvalles Carhouse. Congratulated by: Foreperson Umar Raja, right.

Roncesvalles milestone

Parmar: 30 years

Recipient: Rail Vehicle Analyzer Gurdip Parmar, left, celebrated three decades 30 years of service with the TTC. Location: Roncesvalles Carhouse. Congratulated by: Foreperson Umar Raja, right.

Roncesvalles milestone

Williams: 20 years

Recipient: Carhouse Operator Shane Williams, left, received his long-service pin for 20 years of service. Location: Roncesvalles Carhouse. Congratulated by: Foreperson Umar Raja, right. 

Roncesvalles milestone

Osei: 10 years

Recipient: Vehicle Repairperson Pious Osei, left, accepted his 10-year pin. Location: Roncesvalles Carhouse. Congratulated by: Foreperson Umar Raja, right.

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TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Advancing to the next level.

Corporate Notice

COVID-19 positive tests update.

From the CSO/CPO

Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Bradley, Dempster, Holden, Salahudeen, Zahorbynsky.

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