November 2018 milestones

35 Years

Rail Cars/Shops: Paul Arseneault

30 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Giacomo Parato, Paolo Rufo
Bus Transportation: Aldo Calautti, Ettore Granelli, Kelly Marwood, Terry Napier, Glenford Nembhard, Guy Shaw, Derrick Sinclair
CEO’s Office: Mirja Wollens
Legal: Sarah Bianchi
Materials/Procurement: Deborah Content
Rail Cars/Shops: Robert Pullen
Stations: Nizam Damji, Gus Dilisi
Strategy/Service Planning: Sandy To
Streetcar Transportation: Anthony Watson
Subway Infrastructure: Terry Power
Training/Development: Tony Mammoliti
Wheel-Trans: Heather Baskie

25 Years

IT Services: Herrick Fu

20 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: John Meringolo
Bus Transportation: Lionel Beadle, Alastair Crawford, Eric Dixon, Bonny Foster, Brent Knutson, John Kressner, Santo Luciano, Gus Thomas
Customer Communications: Kal Bedder
Construction: Paris Savides 
Engineering: Emanuel Gianni, Dragan Veljovic
Human Resources: Lorna Kassabian
IT Services: Selva Selvakamalan
Rail Cars/Shops: Chicheung Wu
Stations: Dunstan Haynes, Peter Nasevski
Subway Transportation: Gary Mckeegan, Oliver Nicolai
Training/Development: Giuseppe Lombardi

15 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Neville Patrick
Bus Transportation: Robert Argue, Horace Channer, Willie Chu, Joseph Di Maria, Kosta Koukouves, Melanie McDonell, Phillip Robinson
Engineering: Predrag Petrovic, Sufang Zhang
Employee Service Centre: Rupinder Johar
Plant Maintenance: Bruce Skinner
Rail Cars/Shops: Aubrey Edwards, Alexander Herbert
Stations: Edison Oh
Strategy/Service Planning: Paul Conlon
Streetcar Transportation: Fortunato Gesualdo
Wheel-Trans: Joe De Jesus, Husam Hajjar, Arvin Pinlac

10 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Arvind Bhuri, Steve Fung, Selvin John, Markus Kassella, Donald Knott, Glen Lappin, Thanh Luu, Arnold Ramdass, Jagdip Sandhu, Radcliffe Shirley, Amrit Singh, Ben To, Haitian Wang, Gary Watts, James Zucchero
Bus Transportation: Maurice Amar, Dwayne Bailey, Adrian Bishop, Nigel Boothby, Wesley Ellington, Adrian Iancu, Randhir Marythasan, Neil Monks, Vaughan Morant, Richard Murray, Eugen Nitu, Temesgen Ogbaslase, Maurice Pleau, Rosalind Salinas, Jennifer Saunders, Joanne Simpson, Brian Sousa, Scott Swift, Kristopher Talbot, Patricia Theriault, Marcial Velasco, Antonio Vitullo, Shari Wills
Construction: Lisamarie Trusty
Customer Service Centre: Catinca Lazar
Finance: Sheraz Haroon
Human Resources: Megan McRae, Andrea Friedman
Internal Audit: Nadia Pazzano
IT Services: Riyaz Sufi
Legal: Adrienne Isaac, Grainne Kiernan
Materials/Procurement: Yacoob Bayat
Subway Infrastructure: Maurice Davis
Stations: Herbert Li
Streetcar Transportation: David Gellatly, Lenroy Munro, Ajai Singh
Subway Transportation: Francine Boonman, James Dority, Bassam Elhassan, Andreas Kraus, Darren Webster, Alfred Wong

5 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Marciano Pascucci
Bus Transportation: Jessica Aguiar Ninguem, Enzo Bavuso, Natalie Dawood, Patrick Cassar, Patrick Choo, Fedele Defrenza, Muhammad Hashmi, Arimarththa Kanapathypillai, Adrian Mccann, Steve Michailidis, Guglielmo Morra, Edward Pividori, Christine Rae, Robby Ramsankar, Marklester Umali
Construction: Dorothy Curtis, Jane Murray
Human Resources: Elizabeth Martillo
Plant Maintenance: Pat Severino
Stations: Harbinder Bhangu, Leemichael Carty, Poting Chen, Cameron Jackson
Strategy/Service Planning: Mark Mis
Streetcar Transportation: Sikander Ijaz, Gervais Mohammed, Jason Oldham, Shaheryar Raja
Streetcar Maintenance/Infrastructure: Noah Bunnett
Subway Transportation: Antonio Dealmeida, Yared Ayano
Training/Development: Joel Fernandez, Candy Ly

M&P milestones 

Gallo, Ingar: a combined 40 years

Employees at Greenwood recognized Senior Storeperson Santo Gallo for reaching three decades of service with the TTC and Storeperson Yusuf Ingar for attaining 10 years of service (front and centre). Location: Greenwood Warehouse. Congratulated by: Material and Procurement’s Acting Head Mike Piemontese.

Plant milestone

Dowle: 5 years

Recipient: Escalator Mechanic Gary Dowle, left, received his five-year pin. Location: Elevating Devices Section in Plant Maintenance. Congratulated by: Foreperson Tom Lengyel, right.

Van Dusen: 5 years

Recipient: Escalator Mechanic Luke Van Dusen, left, received his five-year pin. Location: Elevating Devices Section in Plant Maintenance. Congratulated by: Foreperson Foreperson Joe Schiralli, right.

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In Memoriam

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