December 2016 milestones

40 Years

Engineering: Sandra Drysdale

35 Years

Bus Transportation: Raymond Dahonick
Farecard Team: Donna Bryant
Plant Maintenance: Armando Fanuzzi
Stations: Clarke Smith
Streetcar: Joe Calia

30 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Jerry Arasim
Bus Transportation: William Couch, Peter Skarlatakis, Leonard Turner
Construction: Michael Kane
Engineering: Daniel Tomotsugu
Revenue Operations: David Wilson
Streetcar: Raymond Buttigieg
Subway Infrastructure: Mona Lux
Subway Transportation: Rick Rowett, John Wales

25 Years

Bus Transportation: Cameron Hopkins, Neil Kennington, Dave Richard
Legal: Lori Matorcevic
Plant Maintenance: Tony Ambrosio, Danny Orlando
Rail Cars/Shops: Thomas Ferguson, Paul Tseng
Streetcar: Giuseppe Russo
Subway Infrastructure: Nabil Andrawos, Domingos Deandrade, Filippo Garofalo, Luigi Parenti, Tony Sciara
Subway Transportation: John Beardsworth, Josephine Muringer, Ellaine Richard, Jacqueline Rodrigues
Wheel-Trans: Diane Muccilli

20 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Patricia Atkinson, David Ramdass
IT Services: Michael Alexander, Sheka Bangura, Jason Macdonald
Rail Cars/Shops: Claude Brown, Thong Doan, John Green, Vince Spagnuolo
Subway Infrastructure: George Walker
Wheel-Trans: Anthony Logan

15 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Antonio Gullone, Ivan Hill, Michael Moscariello
Bus Transportation: Paul Gomes, Patricia Joseph, Sharon Mundle, Luis Olim, Lee Schwalb, Vito Tassone, Paul Tuccitto
Construction: John Dimovski
Human Resources: Christopher Boulter
Materials/Procurement: Paolo Dipirro
Rail Cars/Shops: Demetrios Bouzios
Revenue Operations: Chris Enman, Matthew Malaugh
Streetcar: Salvatore Marano
Subway Infrastructure: John Rombeiro
Subway Transportation: Christopher Bates, Kelly Graham, Dean Martin Sharon Murree, Kelvin Webster, Sean Williams
Training/Development: Jason Albom, Frank Muto
Wheel-Trans: Wayne Jones

10 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Jeanette Ainey, Steve Baldey, Dean Cross, Alex Crozier, Bill Folinas, Nick Kokolakis, John Lee, Jonathan Manosca, Steven Morgan, Roberto Pasqua, Richard Sta Ines, Flavio Tonello, Chicheong Wong
Bus Transportation: Paul Alexander, Aleric Courneya, Mark Farrugia, Wesley Gillard, Allan Hrynkiw Stephen McAuley, Elio Pennino, Eric Scott
Plant Maintenance: Angelo Cervo, Joseph Chirayath, Edward Cunningham, Karamjit Jhally, Russell Santos
Streetcar: Tony Isacco
Subway Infrastructure: David Hache, Florin Pitica
Subway Transportation: Jennine Sudeyko
Wheel-Trans: Konrad Stettner

5 Years

Customer Communications: Herman Ho
Engineering: Jane Osmo
Plant Maintenance: Emanuel Amaral, Wesley Gallenero, Colin Graham, Anil Khanna, Scott McKenzie, Tyler Trottier


Wilson: 40 years

Recipient: Operator Rudy Wilson, centre, was congratulated on reaching 40 years long and dedicated service with the Commission. Location: Mount Dennis Division. Congratulated by: Chief Service Officer Rick Leary, Deputy Chief Service Officer Kirsten Watson and CEO Andy Byford (not pictured).

Wilkson, 40 years

Servello: 35 years

Recipient: Senior Mail Clerk Vito Servello, second from right, celebrated his 35th anniversary with the Commission. Location: Commission Services at Hillcrest. Congratulated by: Head Kevin Lee and friends and co-workers.

Servello, 35 years

DeSantis: 30 years

Recipient: Escalator Mechanic Robert DeSantis, centre, was congratulated on three decades of service with the TTC. Location: Escalating Devices in Plant Maintenance. Congratulated by: Head Glen Buchberger, left, and Supervisor Frank Cannella, right.

DeSantis, 30 years

Zonni: 30 years

Recipient: Fleet Management Co-ordinator Pia Zonni accepts her 30-year long-service pin. Location: Rail Cars and Shops. Congratulated by: Head Raffaele Trentadue.

Zonni, 30 years

Papes: 25 years

Recipient: Senior Electrical Engineer John Papes, right, receives his 25-year pin. Location: LRV Engineering in Streetcar. Congratulated by: Head Stephen Lam, left.

Papes, 25 years

Esmatyar: 15 years

Recipient: Project Administrative Secretary Hasiba Anna Esmatyar receives her 15-year pin. Location: Streetcar Engineering. Congratulated by: Chief Engineer Greg Ernst.

Esmatyar, 15 years

Tamburello: 15 years

Recipient: Vehicle Repairperson Angelo Tamburello, centre, accepts his 15-year pin. Location: Roncesvalles Carhouse. Congratulated by: Forepersons Joe Perruccio, left, and Barry Tatham, right.

Tamburello, 15 years

Patel: 5 years

Recipient: Mechanical Serviceperson Mohsin Patel, right, receives his 5-year pin. Location: Lakeshore Garage. Congratulated by: Manager Bruce Peters.

Patel, 5 years

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TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Advancing to the next level.

Corporate Notice

COVID-19 positive tests update.

From the CSO/CPO

Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Bradley, Dempster, Holden, Salahudeen, Zahorbynsky.

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