August 2016 milestones

40 Years

Bus Transportation: Wayne Ferreira

35 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Marilyn Cuccio
Bus Transportation: James Gorrie
Commission Services: Dawn McDonald
Plant Maintenance: Kevin Johnston
Streetcar Transportation: Timothy Hooper
Wheel-Trans: David Cluroe

30 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Carl Hirsch
Bus Transportation: Glenn Petrie
Operations Financial Control: Sam Castiglione
Wheel-Trans: Robert Bennett

25 Years

Human Resources: Nancy Seravalle
Plant Maintenance: Tony Donia
Rail Cars/Shops: Peter Lawryshyn
Revenue Operations: Mansoor Panjwani
Subway Infrastructure: Aderito Paulo
Wheel-Trans: Joyce Gonidis

20 Years

IT Services: Mario Muto
Materials/Procurement: Ronald Jarrett
Plant Maintenance: Andrzej Zukowski
Rail Cars/Shops: Antonio Cordeiro, Pasquale Griesi
Streetcar: Gaetano Franco
Subway Infrastructure: David Lamanna
Wheel-Trans: Bruce Peters

15 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Grant Houston
Bus Transportation: Levent Biber, Helder Da Ponte, Laslo Eter, Alvyn Jackson, George Manakis, Mike Miele
Customer Service Centre: Sharida Ali
Human Resources: Steven Serapiglia
IT Services: Radu Campeanu
Plant Maintenance: Ali Al Baalawy, Steven Athanas, Andrew Castillo, John Melaragno 
Rail Cars/Shops: Hasiba Esmatyar, Alex Sturzu
Stations: John Komakech, Brian McGuire
Subway Infrastructure: Danilo Baret, Andrew Blake, Vipul Dalal, David Ferguson, Pierre Fidalgo, Victor Hermenegildo, Suleman Jaffer
Subway Transportation: Margaret Gauss

10 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Robby Moerahoe, Michael Sgrignuoli
Bus Transportation: Garnell Ambersley, Derrick Atkinson, Sungeun Bang, Gregory Banic, Brad Bilbey, Sheldon Elliston, Geovany Hidalgo, Larry Hill, Dragoljub Janjanin, Norman Nodell, Nikolaos Pappas, Trung Pham Khac, Dirk Spill, Raymond Yang 
IT Services: David Hogg
Legal: Anthony Cerqueira, Lucia Menezes Gama
Plant Maintenance: Henrique De Jesus, Dennison Deyon, Johnson Tam, Marlon Whittick 
Rail Cars/Shops: Jermaine Auld, Jama Hussein
Stations: Jacqueline Coward
Streetcar: Adrian Barton, John Cherubino
Subway Infrastructure: Daniel Ball, Roberto Carbone, Jonathan D'Souza, Paulo Da Silva, Ariel Estimo, John Grossi, Kwando Lorraine, Phillip Summers, Ainsley Thorpe, Luisito Ventura
Subway Transportation: Shahabudeen Khan
Wheel-Trans: Frank Bernhardt, Blossom D'Silva, Jennifer Karlein, Cecil London, Umar Memon

5 Years

Bus Transportation: Dennis Alon, Andy Ataide, Quamina Austin, Adam Bickell, Devon Brown, Chongtae Choi, Maulikkumar Dave, John Eslamian, Marcus Fitzpatrick, Himeshkumar Gohil, Kiranjit Jassal, Monique Klobucar, John Kolliopoulos, Chad McKenna, Kalaiganan Muthulingam, Emmanuel Osaze, Adam Pett, Adam Pochwalowski, Catherine Prates, Robert Puntillo, Nelson Ruivo, Judy Samuels, Jeanann Smith, Wingyin So, Vickna Suntharalingam, Helder Valente, Yiming Xie, Aleksandrs Zamurujevs
Engineering: Yuzhu Gong
Human Resources: Michael Wollen
Rail Cars/Shops: Jing Ren
Subway Infrastructure: Ryan Churchill, Andre Khan, Rashed Khan
Subway Transportation: Carlo Giancola, Samantha Morrison


McDonald: 35 years

Recipient: Secretariat Services Co-ordinator Dawn McDonald, second from right, shares a laugh with co-workers Kevin Lee, Maria Di Mauro, Richard Harvey and Margarette Balanco on her 35th anniversary with the TTC. Location: Commission Services. Congratulated by: CEO Andy Byford, CFAO Vincent Rodo and Head Kevin Lee, left, who presented the milestone pin.

35 year milestone, McDonald

Jones: 20 years

Recipient: Analysis and Procedures Co-ordinator Michelle Jones was congratulated on 20 years of service with her long-service pin and framed 24 Hours Toronto page featuring her profile. Location: Portfolio Management Office. Congratulated by: CEO Andy Byford and Chief of Staff Joan Taylor (not pictured).

20 year milestone, Jones

Monaco: 15 years

Recipient: Pensions Estimates Assistant Rita Monaco, left, received her 15-year pin from Pension Officer Anna Puccia, right. Location: Pension Fund Society. Congratulated by: CEO Andy Byford and Pension Fund Society CEO Sean Hewitt (not pictured).

15 year milestone, Monaco

Langdon: 35 years

Recipient: Occupational Hygiene and Environment Manager Maryanne Langdon (now retired) celebrated her 35th anniversary with the Commission. Location: Safety and Environment. Congratulated by: Chief Safety Officer John O’Grady, CEO Andy Byford and friends and co-workers.

35 year milestone, Langdon

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