November 2015 milestones

35 Years

Bus Transportation: Axel Reiche 
Legal: Joanne Ball
Materials/Procurement: Salvatore Nardi
Plant Maintenance: Christopher Kelly
Rail Cars/Shops: David Exon, Jamil Tejpar, Donald Watson
Stations: Andy Czap
Subway Transportation: Robin Gerus, Robert Hickey

30 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: William Brown
Bus Transportation: Stephen England, Peter Ginko
Commission Services: Kevin Lee
Revenue Operations: Manuel Mota

25 Years

Legal: Karen McGuire
Plant Maintenance: Tony Giordano
Rail Cars/Shops: Amado Franco, Steven McGill
Wheel-Trans: Luciano DiPasquale

20 Years

Bus Maintenance/Shops: Sante Galli
Bus Transportation: Clara Batista, Robert Boon, Bruce Crosby, William Edwards, Steve Hountalas, Jason Lefeuvre, Scott Northcott, Aubrey Petrie, Eulalee Smith, Junior Valentine
Rail Cars/Shops: Donald Hazell, Salvatore Rando
Streetcar: Edward Ladzik
Subway Transportation: Murray Gillan, April Hubert
Wheel-Trans: Marissa Wells

15 Years

Bus Transportation: Alan Evans, Afework Gebreselassie, Gregory Parliament, Deborah Shannon, Melody Smith, Bruno Sousa
Plant Maintenance: Louie Bassels, Sharon Stanley
Rail Cars/Shops: Ricardo Webb
Safety/Environment: Anna Sottile
Stations: Paul Parsons
Subway Infrastructure: Dean Eskins, Ruhul Mohamed, Nelson Or, Gregory Priaulx, Tom Xynis
Subway Transportation: Oscar Anselmo, Everton Barrett, Michael Eadie, Christian Gheorghe, Elizabeth Gilmour, Jamie Harron, Krzysztof Mrozowski
Wheel-Trans: Michelle Bailey, Mario Georgatsellos

10 Years

Bus Transportation: Kelly Balson, Rennie Beekharry, William Bolton, Alison Camely, Edward Cavaco, Yvonne Desilets, Elias Douros, Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Devon Henry, Dwayne Humes, Antonio Ianniello, Pasqualino La Verghetta, Nathaniel Mahon, Ron McFadyen, Jim Quatrara, Jolene Ramos
Materials/Procurement: Frank Marrella
Plant Maintenance: Ricardo Da Silva, Rinzing Dorji, Jeffery Mallais
Rail Cars/Shops: Shane Likopulos
Stations: Valerie Wright
Strategy/Service Planning: Valerie Wright Jeffrey Kay
Streetcar: Umar Raja
Subway Infrastructure: Kamil Kwapich, Andrey Milojevic, Calvin Mitchell, Amjadkhan Pathan, Salvatore Taddeo
Subway Transportation: Antonio Matos 
Training/Development: Bruce Cuthill
Transit Enforcement: Nicholas Milhomens, Tom Tsomis
Wheel-Trans: Demetrios Bachoumis, Heather Hoover, Quintin Rambaransingh, Gregory Rhodes

5 Years

ATC Project: Siva Thirumeny
Bus Maintenance/Shops: Leon Hunte
Capital Programming: Michael Nieznalski
Engineering: Hari Nair, Richard Rees
IT Services: Andy Young
Materials/Procurement: Jackie Clarke, Mark Decoste
Plant Maintenance: Mahamud Abdi, Susan Austin, Cory Bubb Clarke, Vincenzo Crimi, Tony De Ciantis, Frank Fava, Daniel Headdon, Xuesong Huang, Justin Muir, Rod Vernon, Rebecca Williams
Rail Cars/Shops: Kelley Cespedes
Stations: Sandra Fragola, Ansar Mohamedsaleem
Streetcar: George Bokun, Shyamal Karmakar
Subway Infrastructure: Edward Chan, Ryan Jenik
Subway Transportation: Andy Mohammed


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 New Corporate Plan cover

TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022

Advancing to the next level.

Corporate Notice

COVID-19 positive tests update.

From the CSO/CPO

Important message about vaccinations for frontline transit workers.

In Memoriam

Alexander, Bradley, Dempster, Dinally, Freeman, Holden, Mahmood, Perrotta, Piazza, Prosser, Quinnell, Salahudeen, Simone, Zahorbynsky.

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