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Toronto Raptors team up with TTC

TTC teams up with Raptors

Toronto Raptor Damon Stoudamire says it’s better to be a leader than a follower. Teammate Doug Christie advises: aim for the moon when setting goals. And Hubert Davis adds that dreams can come true if people work hard and rely on their natural abilities.
These are messages we can all take to heart, but on this day they were meant for the ears of more than 600 high school students in Scarborough. Scarborough Centre Station was crammed with teenagers waiting to meet, and hear, their heroes deliver their anti-violence message Oct. 30.
The TTC hosted the Raptors and was part of a bigger team which included Metropolitan Toronto Police Services, Metro Toronto, the City of Scarborough and numerous Scarborough community agencies all coming together to help launch the NBA’s TeamUp program. The league-wide initiative provides opportunities for students to learn the value of volunteering in their communities and developing the skills to resolve conflicts peacefully.
“As players, we want to do our part to help youth stay safe and smart in their community.” says Stoudamire. “This partnership shows that teamwork is the best solution and that the community really cares about helping kids.”
From Vancouver to Toronto to Miami, players from every NBA team were making connections with students in their cities that day. The Miami Heat teamed up with students to renovate a homeless centre. Together with youth from a boys and girls club, the Philadelphia 76ers prepared Halloween gift packages for children at a homeless centre. In Toronto, the Raptors talked about peaceful resolutions to conflict.
“The TTC recognizes the importance of partnerships,” says TTC Chair Paul Christie. “We’re here to talk about working together to stem violence in our communities and on our transit system.”
Last March, the TTC teamed up with Metro Police, the City of Scarborough and several community groups and conducted a safety audit at Kennedy Station.
“The Kennedy Station Safety Audit Project addressed security concerns and recommended many physical improvements – like upgraded lighting and closed circuit tv cameras – which will be added next year,” says Linda Fice, Corporate
Security’s Superintendent of Security Services.
The community involvement was so beneficial that a model of the audit will be used to assess Islington, Royal York, Spadina, Eglinton, Dundas, Finch, Wilson, Victoria Park and Warden Stations in 1997.
A safety audit of a subway station focuses on four key areas:
> Assessing the physical deficiencies of a station.
> Identifying issues to eliminate negative public perception.
> Finding solutions to eliminate loitering.
> Creating a public education campaign on the system’s safety and security features.

Photo: The TTC teamed up with Damon Stoudamire and the Toronto Raptors to deliver an anti-violence message to teens at Scarborough Centre Station.

From the November 1996 Coupler, Vol. 71, No. 9


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