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10 years ago: Thoughts by Mike Myers …

Mike Myers wrote in the Sunday Sun a list of 17 favourite things he loves about Toronto. The TTC was Thought #7: “I love the TTC. It’s clean, it’s safe, it’s cheap, it’s on time. I even love the logo, the typeface, the colours, the fact that the street musicians have to audition, the “Ninety! Ninety-Niner! Ninety-Niner!” PA announcements that, to this day, I have no idea what they mean. I have many fond memories of the Queen Street streetcar, and all of the characters that I rode into town with when I lived in Parkdale. I think the TTC uniform is cool, and I would like to own one. I love that the subway takes you right to the ACC. It’s the best way to get to the game.”

From the September 2003 Coupler, Vol. 78, No. 8

Will the real Dr. Evil please step forward

Mike Myers, one of the most multifaceted performers of his generation, has brought an astonishing array of characters to life on both film and television. That’s a characterization that recently earned him a Key to the City and a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.

There are a lot of things the Scarborough native loves about Toronto – and the TTC is one of them!

And when we read in the Sunday Sun on June 22 that he thought the TTC uniform “is cool, and I would like to own one,” the TTC jumped at the chance to suit up one of the city’s best ambassadors.

Mike took some time out of his busy schedule on June 25 and met up with TTC officials and Operator Bill White, who presented the star with a complete Operator’s uniform.

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  1. Thoughts by Mike Myers, 2003

    Thumbs up for the TTC.
    Mike Myers in TTC uniform.
  2. Thoughts by Mike Myers, 2003

    Celebrating the look!
    Mike Myers in TTC uniform.
  3. Thoughts by Mike Myers, 2003

    Operator Bill White and Myers compare styles.
    Mike Myers in TTC uniform.
  4. Thoughts by Mike Myers, 2003

    Who is the real Dr. Evil?
    Mike Myers in TTC uniform.
  5. Thoughts by Mike Myers, 2003

    Presenting the uniform, from left: Commissioner Brian Ashton, Operator Bill White, Myers and CGM Rick Ducharme.
    Mike Myers in TTC uniform.
  6. Thoughts by Mike Myers, 2003

    Attempting a right turn.
    Mike Myers in TTC uniform.
  7. Thoughts by Mike Myers, 2003

    Behind the wheel for a spin.
    Mike Myers in TTC uniform.
  8. Thoughts by Mike Myers, 2003

    A good fit for Mike Myers.
    Mike Myers in TTC uniform.

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