Image of customers boarding and exiting a streetcar

If we all follow the rules and adopt new habits, we'll get through this safely. Here's what we're doing to take care of our customers, and how we're working on adapting to our new reality.

TTC partners with the City of Toronto for Streets to Homes program

The TTC has partnered with the City of Toronto to support their Streets to Homes initiative in response to the closing of amenities due to COVID-19. As part of this program, our Community Engagement Unit Special Constables proactively patrol the TTC system with outreach workers from the Streets to Homes program to address the specialized needs of some TTC customers.

Streets to Homes is a housing-first approach to homelessness, providing outreach services, specialized housing services, assessment and referral centers and follow-up support. Through outreach, they are able to identify clients and coordinate services and resources for these individuals. In addition, the Streets to Homes program helps to provide information regarding COVID-19, including self-assessment tools.

Other information on taking the TTC during COVID-19