The TTC has teamed up with local health partners to provide vaccination clinics conveniently located for our customers in subway stations. Moderna and Pfizer will be available. More information on vaccination clinics.

TTC’s Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Getting vaccinated remains one of the most important ways we can protect each other and our community. That is why we have made COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for all TTC employees, contractors and students.

Vehicle Boardings - Week ending October 1, 2021

Mode Percentage compared to pre-COVID levels Customer Boarding
Red icon of a bus


Red icon of a streetcar 44% 154,000
Red icon of a subway 39% 585,000

Total System-wide Boardings:


System-wide ridership/service – Week ending October 1, 2021
Revenue rides Service level
815,000 - 47% 98%
Percentage based on pre-pandemic service levels

*The TTC will resume full service when revenue rides reach 50 per cent of pre-pandemic levels

Icon of person wearing a mask Percentage of customers observed to be wearing a mask Percentage of customers observed to be wearing masks properly
Audit completed October 2   99% 97%


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