Board Meeting - April 11, 2024

Meeting Info

Date:Thursday, April 11, 2024
Start Time:10:00 a.m. – Public Session
Location:City Hall Committee Room 2, 100 Queen Street West & Virtual Meeting (Hybrid)
Meeting No:2083
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes

Board Members

  • Chair - Councillor Jamaal Myers
  • Vice-Chair - Joanne De Laurentiis (Citizen)
  • Councillor Paul Ainslie
  • Councillor Stephen Holyday
  • Fenton Jagdeo (Citizen)
  • Councillor Josh Matlow
  • Councillor Chris Moise
  • Julie Osborne (Citizen)
  • Councillor Dianne Saxe

Land Acknowledgement

Declaration Of Interest - Municipal Conflict Of Interest Act

Business Arising Out Of Minutes

Public Presentations

The public may submit written comments or register to speak to the TTC Board. The public may speak to the TTC Board in person or by video conference.

Requests to speak must be registered by noon of the business day preceding meeting day by submitting a request to Those who register to speak will be provided with instructions on how to participate in the meeting.

Administrative Inquiry

Under the By-law to Govern Board Proceedings, the TTC Board can receive or refer an Administrative Inquiry to the appropriate TTC official or department.

1. Missing video archive of the February 22, 2024 Toronto Commission Board Meeting

2. Service changes in the event of winter weather and the closing of fifty-six bus stops on March 22nd, 2024

Presentations/Reports/Other Business

3. Chief Executive Officer’s Report – April 2024 (For Information)

4. Policies to Support the Revenue Protection and Special Constable Service Culture Change Program (Deferred from the December 7, 2023 TTC Board Meeting) (For Action)

  • Staff report for Item 4
  • Correspondence received by: S. Spadafora, S. Hoad, A. E, I. Sakhawat, A. Wang, A. Aminu, M. Ravenscroft, S. Swartz, Y. Saravanabavan, K. Harris, A. Varsava, J. Singh,C. Pietropaolo, A. Memon, J. Wakarchuk, C. Valeriote, M. Lijiam, Z. Bregu, F. Mendell, V. Michaud, C. McNeil, M. Humeniuk, K. Bligh, E. Nemanishen, M. Fang, E. Ma, M. Klak, L. Freitas Sant, A. Shulman, L. Abelsohn, P. Frampton, I. Paredes, S. Gorfinkel, L. Gennuso, J. Horne, D. DeVito, E. Marinangeli, E. Brandy, H. Enns, D. Venchiarutti. J. Arsenault, C. Tosio, Z. Red, S. Sun, A. Pundzius, J. Sandham, A. Kollenberg, L. Vayid, V. Masilo,A. Bezbor, J. Schwartz, A. Heule, M. Wiznuk, C. London, J. Harris, R. Slomkowski, E. Connor, C. Mcannn, A. Bennett, R. Spurr, S. Co, D. Campbell

4a. Supplementary Report – Policies to Support the Revenue Protection and Special Constable Service Culture Change Program (For Action)

5. Diversity and Culture 2023 Annual Report - Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA): Progress Through Systemic Change (For Action)

6. TTC Special Constable Service 2023 Annual Report (For Action)

  • Staff report for Item 6
  • This report was updated on April 10, 2024 to correct errors the following errors:

    Table 4: Summary 2019-2023 Use of Force Reporting (per Departmental Policy) has been replaced to correct a calculation error. In addition, Physical Control – Soft, in the Provincial Offence (LLCA, MHA, TPA) or other column, has been corrected to 13 from 14.

    103, not 104 Use of Force Reports were submitted for 2023.

    Page 32 of the Special Constable Annual Report has been corrected to reflect that 16 Use of Force Reports were required to be submitted to the Toronto Police Service as per the Police Services Act. This was previously reported as 21. Nine Injury Reports were also completed as a result of injuries sustained by defendants during the course of an arrest. This was previously reported as seven.

7. 2024 TTC Asset Management Plan (For Action)

8. Line 3 SRT Incident Investigation and Subway Track Continuous Improvement Initiatives (For Action)

9. TTC’s Draft Innovation and Sustainability Framework (For Action)

10. TTC and IAMAW Lodge 235 - Collective Agreement Ratification (Confidential Attachment - this report is about labour relations or employee negotiations) (For Action)

11. Non-Union Staff Compensation Review (Confidential Attachment - this report is about labour relations or employee negotiations) (For Action)

12. Financial and Major Projects Update for the Year Ended December 31, 2023 (For Action)

13. Easier Access Phase III - Project Status Update April 2024 (For Action)

14. Approval of Public Art Concepts for the Bay, Castle Frank, Christie, Donlands and Lansdowne Stations (For Action)

15. Procurement Authorization – Subway Track Rail Milling Services (For Action)

16. Birchmount Bus Garage – Bus Washracks Upgrade and Anti-Slip Flooring in Fuelling Lanes Area (For Action)

17. Making Electronic Participation for the TTC Permanent – Update (For Action)

18. Appointment to TTC Pension Plan Board of Directors (For Action)

19. City Council Transmittal – EX11.8 RapidTO: Surface Transit Network Plan (For Action)

20. City Council Transmittal – CC15.1 Budget Implementation Including Property Tax Rates, User Fees and Related Matters (For Action)

Toronto Transit Commission Board

Land Acknowledgement

Declaration of Interest - Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Committee of the Whole

Business Arising Out of the Minutes

Public Presentations

Presentations/Reports/Other Business

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