The TTC is an essential service in the City of Toronto. The TTC brand is well-recognized among residents and it plays an instrumental role in a customer’s experience when they travel on the system. Whether they are looking for the famous TTC red logo to indicate access to a subway station or bus route, interacting with system maps, following simple and direct wayfinding signage in a station, reading information on the TTC’s website or social media channels, seeing a TTC advertisement, hearing station announcements, or purchasing fare media, there is no limit to how and where customers interact with the brand.

TTC has developed a specific set of brand standards to ensure that consistency and accuracy are maintained across all customer touch points. Each time something new is introduced into the system, these standards are followed. The documents listed below clearly outline the core elements of the brand so that the TTC can deliver at every opportunity on the its Vision and Mission.


A transit system to make Toronto proud.


To provide a reliable, efficient and integrated bus, streetcar and subway network that draws its high standards of customer care from its rich traditions of safety, service and courtesy.