December 2020 update

Good news! Runnymede Station is TTC’s 50th accessible station! Three new elevators connecting the street to concourse and subway platforms levels are now open for customer use.

Other minor project related work will continue at the station.

Runnymede Station elevator cross-section:

cross section of the elevators at Runnymede Station

Public Art

Art is an important component of major station upgrades. As a part of this station upgrade work, Elicser Elliott’s public art concept, “Anonymous Somebody” was selected by an art jury and it was installed at Runnymede Station in 2019.

“Anonymous Somebody” captures the snippets of our bustling Bloor West Village lives while standing still. The artworks aim to communicate the story of individual spirt as fresh and relevant to the metabolism of the neighbourhood. The images work as an anchor to a thought or memory for the person viewing it - to commemorate, celebrate, provoke, and heal. Not unlike Runnymede, a house that became a community, “Anonymous Somebody” welcomes all passengers to reframe the characters’ experience as they pass or wait, fluidly transitioning from past lives to present, making the artwork their own.
– The artist, Elicser Elliott

Please see some of the renderings of Elicser Elliott’s public art installation entitled, “Anonymous Somebody”.

Please see the public notice.