photo collage showing the new streetcar over an old photo of a Toronto street

photo collage of the new streetcar interior over a photo of the old streetcar interior


  • Modern design and feel
  • Spacious interior
  • Climate-controlled with air conditioning
  • All-door boarding
  • On-board Fare and Transfer machines and Ticket Validators
  • Natural lighting from large windows
  • Holds up to 251 passengers — almost double the capacity of current streetcars

photo collage showing the new streetcar’s bike storage area


  • To use bike racks, enter through the middle double doors where you will find two spaces dedicated to bike storage during non-peak hours (Monday to Friday before 6:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and after 7:00 p.m.; weekends and statutory holidays)
  • Available on a first-come, first-served basis

photo collage showing the accessibility module and ramp system on the new vehicle


  • Low floor — no stairs to climb
  • Extendable ramp gives customers easy access
  • Operator deploys ramp upon request
  • Request ramp by pressing the illuminated blue accessibility button on the inside or outside of the streetcar
  • Ramp deploys quickly
  • Priority seating on-board for 15 people, identified by blue seats (for people with disabilities, the elderly and pregnant women)

photo collage showing the new on-board fare and transfer machine

Giving You Choices

    New streetcars are equipped with two on-board Fare and Transfer machines and  and Ticket Validators located across from each of the centre double doors. The 510 Spadina streetcar route will now run on a Proof-of-Payment (POP) system. Customers will need to show their POP receipt to a TTC Fare Inspector upon request.


  • Your TTC pass is your Proof-of-Payment.


  • Insert your TTC token at an on-board or curbside Fare and Transfer machine to get a POP receipt that is also your transfer.


  • Insert and time stamp your ticket in a ticket validator. Your stamped ticket is your POP receipt and transfer.


  • Your TTC paper transfer is your Proof-of-Payment.


  • Customers can tap their PRESTO card on one of the six on-board readers and obtain a transfer from one of the two on-board Fare and Transfer machines.

Cash Fares:

  • Fare and Transfer machines accept coins (change not provided) and issue a POP receipt that is also your transfer.

Curbside Fare Vending Machines:

  • Customers can also purchase fares and validate their tickets at new curbside fare vending machines installed at the busiest stops along the route.