McNicoll Bus Garage archived reports and consultations:

Construction notices for the McNicoll project can be found here. See the Summer 2019 update (pdf). Chinese translated version also available here (pdf).

On December 20, 2016, the TTC Board approved the staff recommendation to award the construction contract for the McNicoll Bus Garage. A copy of the report is available here:

Procurement Authorization McNicoll Bus Garage Design-Build

Pre-Construction Open House for New McNicoll Bus Garage on June 12, 2017

TTC hosted an open house to share details on construction of the new McNicoll Bus Garage.

Event Details:

Date: June 12, 2017
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School 3200 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, Ontario

For more information:

Lito Romano
Community Liaison, TTC

Cantonese-speaking translators were available for this event.


Download a copy of the open house flyer in Cantonese.

Open House - October 20, 2015 - Consultation on Building and Landscape Design

On October 20, 2015 TTC hosted an open house to share the preliminary concepts for the perimeter landscaping and options for the exterior design of the McNicoll Bus Garage. The event took place at Mary Ward Catholic School and included facilitated break-out sessions where participants provided feedback on the following four areas of the design:

  1. Building Façade
  2. Noise Barrier Wall
  3. Green Roof
  4. Perimeter Landscape 

Presentation panels and comment cards were available at the meeting and can be viewed at the following links:

Presentation Panels Link opens in PDF
English comment card Link opens in PDF
Chinese comment card Link opens in PDF

A consultation report summarizing the event is now available. Link opens in PDF 

A 3D animation of the McNicoll Bus Garage showing the green roof and other highlight features of the facility is available at the following link:

McNicoll Bus Garage 3D Animation

Transit Project Assessment Process - Statement of Completion - July 31, 2015

On July 31, 2015, TTC issued a Statement of Completion Link opens in PDF, representing the end of the Transit Project Assessment Process.

Transit Project Assessment Process - Notice to Proceed

On July 27, 2015, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) issued a Notice to Proceed Link opens in PDF with construction of the McNicoll Bus Garage. This followed his review of comments submitted during the consultation period.

Transit Project Assessment Process - Notice of Completion - May 21, 2015

On May 21, 2015, TTC issued a Notice of Completion Link opens in PDF informing the community and stakeholders that the Environmental Project Report is available for comment for a 30 day period ending June 22 2015. Following this stage, all submitted comments will be reviewed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) as part of their 35-day review.

Copies of the Notice of Completion are also available in Chinese Link opens in PDF.

Hard copies are also available for review at public locations in the vicinity of the site. Please refer to the Notice of Completion for details and contact information. The complete EPR is available electronically below:

Environmental Project Report Link opens in PDF

Appendix A: Traffic Impact Study Link opens in PDF

Appendix B: Natural Heritage Characterization Study Link opens in PDF

Appendix C: Tree Survey & Vimy Oak Investigation Link opens in PDF

Appendix D: Air Quality Report Link opens in PDF

Appendix E: Screening Level Human Health Risk Assessment – Final April 22, 2015 Link opens in PDF

Appendix F: Noise Assessment Link opens in PDF

Appendix G: Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment Link opens in PDF

Appendix H: Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment Link opens in PDF

Appendix I: Correspondence Log Link opens in PDF

Appendix J: Nov 27, 2013 Open House Report Link opens in PDF

Appendix K: May 14, 2014 Open House Report Link opens in PDF

Appendix L: Feb 5, 2015 Open House Report Link opens in PDF

Appendix M: Notice of Completion May 21, 2015 Link opens in PDF

Letter to Director, Environmental Approvals Branch, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change  Link opens in PDF

Transit Project Assessment Process - Notice of Commencement January 29, 2015

Please have a look at the Notice of Commencement and Public Open House: 

English Link opens in PDF - Chinese Link opens in PDF

The Open House was held as follows:

Date: February 5, 2015
Location: Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School - Cafeteria, 3200 Kennedy Road
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (Open House followed by presentation and an opportunity for questions and answers)
Chinese translation services were provided for this event.

Please have a look at the Open House presentation panels Link opens in PDF from the February 5, 2015. A copy of the Consultation Summary Report Link opens in PDF has been prepared and is available for review.

Open House Handout - English Link opens in PDF - Traditional Chinese Link opens in PDF - Simplified Chinese Link opens in PDF  

Frequently Asked Questions

Toronto Public Health Consultation

As part of the project, TTC is consulting with Toronto Public Health through the Transit Project Assessment. Please see:

Noise Health Letter - January 27, 2015 Link opens in PDF
Draft Report – Roadway Assessment Letter - January 26, 2015Link opens in PDF

On November 17, 2014, Toronto Board of Health received deputations from community members who are concerned about the potential impacts of the proposed garage. Details on the meeting and the item (HL 34.15) are available here This is an external site and will open in a new window.. TTC staff provided a presentation to the Board as well as distributed Frequently Asked Questions to help address some of the concerns being raised.

On August 28, 2014 City Council approved the McNicoll Bus Garage Draft Environmental Report and authorized submission of the completed Report to the Ministry of the Environment as part of the Transit Project Assessment Process. A copy of the motions associated with this projectThis is an external site and will open in a new window. are available on the City of Toronto website. TTC will now proceed with the TPAP and has deferred issuing a Notice of Commencement from November 2014 to early 2015. The Notice will be distributed to the community and posted on this website.

On July 23, 2014 the TTC Board received a copy of the draft Environmental Project Report. Minutes of the meeting are available hereThis is an external site and will open in a new window..

TTC hosted two Open Houses and several meetings with adjacent property owners. The following Frequently Asked Questions provide answers to some of the concerns raised during this consultation.

On April 30, 2014, the Board reviewed the McNicoll Bus Garage Status of Planning Activities Link opens in PDF which provided an update on this project.

Public Open House

On May 14, 2014 community members gathered at Kennedy Public School to learn more about plans for the new bus maintenance and storage facility. McNicoll Bus Garage Display Boards Link opens in PDF provided information on, schedule, process, traffic impact and air quality.

View the full report on this event. Link opens in PDF

On November 27, 2013 TTC held an Open House to inform the community about plans for this new bus garage, which will be built to Toronto Green Development Standards. A complete report, including the presentation panels, is available below:

McNicoll Bus Garage Open House Report And Display Boards  PDF file (3.2 mb PDF)

If you are interested in receiving updates about this project, please email your contact information to Please be sure to include your name, address (including city and postal code), phone number and email address. Also, please let us know how you prefer to be contacted – by email, regular mail or both.

an aerial view of the proposed site