Meeting Date: July 10, 2002

Subject: Staff Response to Commission Inquiry - Optimizing Revenue from Development Potential - TTC Schedule "A" Properties

At its meeting of March 20, 2002, the Committee of the Whole adopted a report on the above subject which prioritized 10 properties as having significant development potential. City and TTC staff were requested to report back to the Administration Committee and the TTC on formal workplan schedules, workforce estimates, staffing plans, budget and funding options, and on an appropriate public consultation process at the draft RFP stage.

The attached report responds to the March 20 request and will be considered by Administration Committee at a special committee meeting to be held prior to the July 16 Council meeting. The special meeting is necessary to deal with items not considered at the June 25 meeting including this report.
The report identifies the need for the following resources to make a sustainable effort on the development of the Schedule "A" properties.


Property Development – 1 staff (hired on a contract basis)

City of Toronto

Facilities and Real Estate – 2 staff

Legal – 1 staff

Planning Studies - $125,000

The justification for the necessary staff and financial resources will be included in upcoming City and TTC operating budgets.
If approved and the current budget schedule is adhered to, hiring would take place in February/March 2003. In the interim, existing TTC and City staff will make whatever progress is possible with existing staff.

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Chief General Manager