A Wheel-Trans operator assisting a customer.

TTC Wheel-Trans provides a safe and reliable door-to-door accessible transportation option for persons with disabilities to travel with freedom and dignity. Wheel-Trans services include accessible buses, contracted accessible taxi minivans and sedan taxis. Currently, there are more than 30,000 registered customers who use our service and we provide over 3 million door-to-door trips each year in the City of Toronto. Service is provided anywhere within the City of Toronto under the regular TTC fare structure. Wheel-Trans is a shared ride, public transportation service.

Our Mission: How we support the community
As part of a fully accessible TTC, we provide barrier free, accessible service that is efficient, reliable and available.

Our Vision: What we strive for
An accessible transit service that ensures dignity, spontaneity, fairness, and freedom of travel for all customers.

What’s new at Wheel-Trans

Exciting changes are happening at Wheel-Trans. Service is expanding to new customers as we extend our eligibility criteria to include more than just persons with physical disabilities. As of January 1, 2017, Wheel-Trans will expand its eligibility to include persons with sensory, cognitive, mental health and physical disabilities. As we progress through these changes, we are here to support you. Whether you are a new applicant or a long-time customer, Wheel-Trans is here to provide a service that promotes dignity, spontaneity and independence.


Eligibility is determined by assessing how a person’s disability impacts their ability to travel on conventional transit (i.e. bus, streetcar or subway). Eligibility is not based on disability type, income or age. Our new processes strive to achieve equity rather than equality. This means that there is no one-sized fits all approach to delivering transportation for persons with disabilities. It is about matching the right level of service to each customer, based on their individual abilities. More information about eligibility can be found here.

Family of Services

We will be operating a Family of Services Pilot in the spring of 2017. Family of services leverages all modes of transit (bus, streetcar, subway, community bus and Wheel-Trans) to customize travel for customers based on their eligibility conditions. If you are interested in volunteering to participate in this exciting pilot, please contact Wheel-Trans Customer Service at wtcs@ttc.ca or 416-393-4111. For more information about Family of Services, click here.

For our current customers, your current level of service will not change.

We will need to recertify all current customers in the future to ensure that the eligibility criteria are applied consistently to all customers. How and when recertification will take place is still being planned.

Use of video on Wheel-Trans

All Wheel-Trans buses are equipped with cameras and video recording systems. The information and images collected by these systems may be used as part of the eligibility re-assessment process. This information is communicated to the public by:

  • Decals on Wheel-Trans vehicles
  • Personal information and privacy statement in the Wheel-Trans Application Form, Appeal Form, Customer Welcome Package and ttc.ca