You must provide a regular TTC fare each time you take a trip with Wheel-Trans. We accept tickets, tokens, valid TTC passes or exact cash fare. Drivers cannot reach into your pockets, purses or wallets at any time to obtain fares, even if you request it.

The TTC Metropass is transferable, however the pass can only be transferred after a person using it has exited the TTC transit system. No "Pass Back" allowed.

Where can you Purchase TTC Tickets, Tokens and Passes?

For more information please visit Buying Tickets, Tokens and Passes.

Detailed Information on Fares & Passes

For a more detailed description on the types and cost of fares and passes, please visit Fares & Passes or call 416-393-INFO (4636).

Transfers to Regular Fixed-Route TTC

If your destination is an accessible subway station you will either be let off in the “paid area” or at stations without a paid area, you can hold on to your fare and pay at the station. Bus drivers can also provide you with a transfer upon request, however taxi drivers do not have transfers to provide.

For more information about accessible TTC service, visit Accessibility or to speak with a TTC Information Clerk, call 416-393-INFO (4636).