Family of Services Pilot has begun – We want to learn from you!

This is an exciting time for Wheel-Trans! We recently launched the Family of Services Pilot – an important initiative that will help transform the way we deliver accessible public transit services. The insights gathered through this pilot will help us learn how Wheel-Trans and TTC conventional transit services (bus and subway) can work together to provide customers with disabilities with more freedom and flexibility.

Further integrating Wheel-Trans with conventional transit means customers have more travel options, increased independence and are more connected than ever to their community. That is what the Family of Services is all about – providing customers with choices that suit their lifestyle.

Benefits of participating in the Pilot:

  • Same-day service - book up to four hours before your trip
  • Shorter wait-times - book your trip through a dedicated reservation line
  • Shape accessible transit - your involvement  will help determine the future of accessible transit

About phase one:

During this phase, participants are invited to book two trips weekly from their home to a subway station via Wheel-Trans, then make the rest of their way to their final destination using the conventional transit system. Return trips will be made via regular door-to-door Wheel-Trans service.  Participants will be asked to provide feedback after each trip, which will help us gather valuable information about each customer’s experience.

How you can participate:

To volunteer as a Family of Services Pilot participant, please email or call 416-393-4111.

We encourage all customers who are able to do so, to integrate their Wheel-Trans trips with conventional transit, i.e. take a Wheel-Trans ride from your home to your nearest accessible conventional transit stop. To book a trip to an accessible subway station, you can call the dedicated Family of Service line: 416-397-5852.

To support our customers, the TTC has begun planning a travel training program to promote independence and freedom of travel. It is anticipated that a program will be developed and implemented as the Family of Services expands.