Wheel-Trans provides door-to-door accessible transit service for persons with physical disabilities using accessible buses, contracted accessible and sedan taxis.

Registered users are eligible for Wheel-Trans based upon their level of physical functional mobility in the home, within the area immediately surrounding the home and in the community at large, as well as permanency of disability. Eligibility is not based on particular disabilities, general health or income.

Service is provided anywhere within the City of Toronto for a regular TTC fare.

Eligibility for Wheel-Trans Service

The TTC has established eligibility guidelines for service.

Process for Applying for Wheel-Trans

To become a registered user you must attend an in-person assessment interview as part of the process.

Changes in Your Mobility

Eligibility for Wheel-Trans service is based on your level of physical mobility.

Eligibility Reassessment Program

If concerns are raised about an individuals eligibility, a re-assessment process is started.

Use of Video on Wheel-Trans

Wheel-Trans buses are equipped with video recording systems. The information collected may be used as part of the eligibility re-assessment program.

Appeal Process

An appeal process is available for customer who have been denied service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers with additional questions may refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions.