Chartering TTC vehicles

Image of Presidents' Conference Committee (PCC) Streetcar.

Charter a TTC streetcar or bus for your next event.

Subway Musicians

Subway Musician Participant

The TTC Subway Musicians Program is governed by the Toronto Transit Commission and was established in 1979. Musicians are granted a licence to occupy designated areas in TTC subway stations in accordance with the TTC Subway Musicians licence agreement.

Filming on TTC property

A movie set of an NYC subway platform

The TTC has been featured in many television commercials, documentaries as well as worldwide distributed feature films. With over 69 subway stations spread over 4 lines there is a variety of characteristic design throughout the system.

Advertising on TTC

All vehicle and station advertising for the TTC is handled by Pattison Outdoor and all digital advertising on the Platform Video Screens in the subway stations is handled by Pattison Onestop.

Materials and Procurement

All purchases of goods and services for the TTC are processed through the TTC’s Materials and Procurement Department.

TTC Auctions

The Toronto Transit Commission, in conjunction with Police Auctions Canada, are moving their highly successful auctions into your home.

Becoming a TTC Fare Seller

The TTC has a network of TTC Fare Sellers (retail stores/businesses) who sell tickets, tokens and various passes to the public.

Lobbyist Registry

The purpose of the Lobbyist Registry is to enhance public confidence in the integrity of impartiality of decision making processes by making lobbying activities open and accessible to the public.

Tours with TTC

The TTC was conducting tours showcasing some of its unique facilities and locations.

Payments to the TTC

You can pay your Toronto Transit Commission bill directly from your bank through your online banking website.

Claims for Lien

Where to submit.