Kristen and Sheree

Kristin and Sheree (K Funk & Lady Ree)

Kristin Fung and Sheree Spencer, also known as K Funk and Lady Ree, are recent additions to the TTC Subway Musicians Program. This creative duo  enjoy making your morning commute a little brighter with their sounds of acoustic soul. They first met when Kristin moved from Vancouver to Toronto in 2012. They became instant friends and formed their act.

Both of these artists have been involved in music since a young age. Kristin is an original recording artist, pianist, and music teacher and Sheree is an actor, violinist, and dance instructor. The duo perform their unique interpretations of their favourite songs ranging from Jill Scott to Elvis Presley to Justin Bieber – watch for them at a station near you!


Connect with Kristin & Sheree

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Instagram: @kfunkladyree