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Greenwood Station


Entrance and bus at Greenwood Station.

Station features

  • Accessible: No
  • Side platform

1 Service Advisory

31B Greenwood - Road closures during road work

Route diverting south of Queen Street East - Update: road work continuing.

Last updated May 12 2015, 9:16 AM

Line 2 Bloor-Danforth Schedule

Bloor-Danforth trains run every 2-3 minutes during the rush hours and every 4-5 minutes outside the rush hours. For holiday service, call customer information - 416-393-4636.

Train and direction Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday
First Train eastbound Monday to Friday 5:46 am Saturday 5:47 am Sunday 8:47 am
Last Train eastbound Monday to Friday 2:03 am Saturday 2:03 am Sunday 2:03 am
First Train westbound Monday to Friday 5:50 am Saturday 6:00 am Sunday 9:00 am
Last Train westbound Monday to Friday 1:43 am Saturday 1:43 am Sunday 1:43 am


Location Direction Planned Service
South Side - Concourse To Street Level Up At All Times No scheduled maintenance
Eastbound Train Platform To Concourse Up At All Times No scheduled maintenance
Westbound Train Platform To Concourse Up At All Times No scheduled maintenance


Station Description

Station Overview

  • Address, 10 Linnsmore Crescent 
  • Accessible, Street Level only
    Note: The Station is barrier free from Street Level to Bus Platform, Subway Platforms are not accessible
  • Number of Levels, 3
  • Platform Type, Side


Linsmore Crescent Entrance
  • Nearest Intersection, Danforth Avenue and Linnsmore Crescent (Linnsmore Crescent is 200 metres east of Greenwood Avenue)
  • Location on Street, on the west side of Linnsmore Crescent, 54 metres north of Danforth Avenue

Station Levels, 3

Note, Star indicates a level where customers enter the station.

Star, Street/Collector
  • Entrance
  • Collector and turnstiles
  • Stair access to Concourse Level
  • Bus Platform
  • Wheel Trans transfer point located at WT bus bay on south side of Bus Platform
  • Escalator and stair access to Street Level
  • Stair access to Subway Platform Level
Subway Platforms
  • Eastbound and westbound trains
  • Escalator and stair access to Concourse Level

  • Escalator and stairs are located near the fifth car of the train

  • Escalator and stairs are located near the second car of the train

Designated Waiting Areas (DWAs)

TTC Customers at Designated Waiting Area on subway platform.

DWAs are located on all subway and rapid transit (RT) platforms for your safety and convenience while you are waiting for your train.

A DWA has brighter lights as well as an intercom, a closed-circuit television camera, a public telephone, and a bench to sit on while you wait.


Stop Number: Find out when the next streetcar will arrive: text the Stop Number to 898882.

Accessible routes: The TTC provides accessible service on many routes. Not all stops or stations are accessible.

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AttentionService Alert:

Elevator Alert: Dundas West Station, eastbound platform to concourse to bus level, out of service.

Last updated May 14, 6:51 AM

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