Installing Track in the New Tunnels!
Learn more about track installation in the latest Project News Workers welding rail in the new tunnels

Construction Notices

Track Installation Major Milestone Completed!

Completed track in Downsview Park Station

(Photo above) Completed track installed in Downsview Park Station southbound - April 24, 2014.

Track installation in the new tunnels is well underway. The first major milestone has resulted in the installation of track in both tunnels from Sheppard West Station (existing Downsview Station) to the crossover, located south of Finch West Station. We are now plotting track installation on the Construction Activities Map. The blue line indicates completed track.

Latest Project News on Track Installation Now Online

Installers in tunnel

(Photo above) Looking southbound north of Downsview Station where crew are installing the power rail coverboard - February 26, 2014.

Read about the latest construction activities as work continues on the installation of track in the new tunnels.

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AttentionService Alert:

Elevator Alert: Jane Station, westbound platform to concourse level, out of service.

Last updated Dec 19, 3:39 PM

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