We reserve this space to give you information about the current status of TTC service. Only major service delays will be posted. We do our best to keep this information current, but please keep in mind that our ability to maintain this status update may at times be limited. In addition it is important to note that in the event of a TTC Subway/RT service delay, shuttle buses cannot carry the subway passenger volume due to their lower capacity and road congestion.

4 Service Alerts

Elevator Alert: Broadview Station, westbound subway platform to concourse to collector level, out of service.

Last updated 11:13 AM

Elevator Alert: Broadview Station, eastbound subway platform to concourse level, out of service.

Last updated 11:14 AM

Elevator Alert: Eglinton West Station, bus level to southbound platform, out of service.

Last updated 2:56 PM

86 Scarborough route diverting both ways via Old Kingston, Morrish due to a Water Services project on Kingston and Highland Creek.

Last updated 7:30 PM