Work is underway to make St Clair West Station accessible (the street level elevator is under construction). Construction for the concourse to platform level elevators was completed and these elevators are now in service.

The overall project includes:

  • A barrier free path to all levels of the station including: three elevators to access street, bus and streetcar level, concourse, and northbound/southbound platforms
  • Accessible fare gates and automatic sliding doors
  • Improved signage and wayfinding
  • CCTV – security cameras
  • The public art installation entitled "The Commuters" was completed

Work hours

The majority of work will take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Some work will occur during the nighttime hours when there is less pedestrian traffic.

Noise and vibration

Noise and vibration associated with construction is expected. Efforts will be made to keep noise levels to a minimum.

For further information

Denise Jayawardene, Senior Community Liaison, 416-393-6937,