Project description and purpose

TTC’s Easier Access Program makes subway stations accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of mobility with the addition of new elevators (at the main entrance). New elevators are planned for Old Mill Station in order to take customers from street level to platform level.

As a first step in the design process for the new elevators, Old Mill Station and the local area will be surveyed.

Land surveying and related activities

Activities may include field staff gathering measurements and placing survey markers at property corners and elsewhere. Field staff will attempt to contact building/home occupants directly should access to private areas be required. In most instances, access to properties is for a short duration. The field crew will consist of staff wearing reflective vests.

Survey area

Staff will be surveying the surrounding area of the station east of Old Mill Trail, and in King’s Mill Park beneath the subway up until the western edge of the parking lot.

Expected survey dates and hours

Beginning in the station the week of July 30, 2018, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., surveyors will be present in the Old Mill Station area (weather permitting).

Notice issued to:

2662 Bloor Street. W., 10, 12 & 39 Old Mill Trail

TTC contacts

  • Paul Tran, Community Liaison, 416-981-1601;
  • Customer Service, 416-393-3030 (daily 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., closed holidays) or @TTChelps.
  • Route/Schedules/Fares: 416-393-4636 or