The TTC will be installing elevators to make Lansdowne Station accessible in 2019. In preparation for the future work, Lansdowne Station will be equipped with a new switchboard system. Work will take place beside the Emerson Avenue Automatic Entrance.

Work and noise details

  • Work to replace the roof of the vault and to upgrade the switchboard is required.
  • Crews, trucks and equipment will be on site throughout the project.
  • Toronto Hydro crews will be on site to perform power upgrade work.
  • Generators will be delivered to the area in front of the entrance in case of emergency. These generators will be on site until this phase of the project is completed.
  • Emerson Avenue Automatic Entrance will remain open for customer use throughout construction.

Emerson Community Garden

Work will take place close to the garden. Crews will need to access this area; any vegetation affected during this work will be removed and restored. Trees will be protected.

Work hours

For safety, some work and the initial set-up and removal of the access area will occur overnight through the entrance doors at the station.

For further information:

Denise Jayawardene, Community Liaison, 416-393-6937,