As upgrades at TTC’s Keele Yard (located between Dundas West and Keele stations) near completion, the Yard will return to operation June 18, 2017, helping improve subway maintenance and reliability. Prior to its shutdown in 2013, to complete essential upgrades, the Keele Yard was used for subway workcar maintenance/storage and track maintenance training.


  • Keele Yard has storage capacity for up to eight trains, and four sets of storage tracks that extend into a covered section below and east of Dorval Road.
  • Each night, four trains will be tested and prepared for morning service. Some system check testing will occur while trains are on the outdoor storage tracks.
  • Most Line 2 subway maintenance will still take place at the TTC’s Greenwood subway yard in the east end.


Keele Yard operations will:

  • Increase the amount of time for maintenance (train, track and signals) by up to 40 minutes every night, as empty trains will no longer have to run between Keele and Greenwood for maintenance before and after normal subway service hours.
  • Increase day-to-day service reliability for TTC customers by getting trains into position in the west end for the start of morning service more efficiently. The majority of Line 2 trains currently enter service from the east end.
  • Provide some additional subway scheduling flexibility in the west end.

Operating hours

TTC yards operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support subway safety and service, with most activity occurring in the late evenings and early mornings when the subway trains are maintained and prepared for daily morning service. Though all operating train yards generate some noise, TTC will make efforts to minimize noise for our neighbours.

Morning service train preparations and noise control

Each night, four trains will typically return to Keele Yard at around 2 – 2:20 a.m., when crews will run system checks to ensure the trains are safe-ready for morning service. The trains will then leave the yard between about 5:45 – 6 a.m. Currently, the first westbound train is scheduled to travel past Keele Yard at 6:01 a.m. Local residents are likely to hear two short horn sounds – required for safety - whenever a train is about to move inside the yard, as well as the sound of trains moving. Efforts to minimize noise will include ongoing noise monitoring, regular reminders to staff at Keele Yard to keep noise to a minimum, sounding subway horns only when necessary for safety and ensuring that the warm-up periods of subway workcars parked on outside storage tracks is kept to a minimum.

Subway workcars will generally leave Keele Yard shortly before the four passenger trains arrive at the yard for the night, and workcars will return to the yard minutes before the passenger trains leave the yard for morning service. Workcar storage in the yard will fluctuate depending on scheduled work in the west.

Trial run

To get Keele Yard ready for the service trains, TTC will have a trial run during a week leading up to June 18 by running two to four service trains into the yard. TTC will also arrange to have sound measurements conducted over a 24 hour period in early June as a baseline prior to reopening the yard.

Thank you for your support as we work to improve transit service and infrastructure in Toronto.

For further information:

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