Starting March 29, 2020, the bus loop at Eglinton West Station will be closed until late Fall 2020 for Crosstown construction. Eglinton West Station will remain open, but buses will not be able to access the station’s bus loop.

Temporary covered bus bays will be set up on the north and south sides of Eglinton Avenue West to maintain TTC bus service to and from Eglinton West Station.

There will be significant changes to TTC service.

What to expect

View a video from Crosslinx on how to get around during construction.

Temporary bus bays will be installed on the north and south sides of Eglinton Avenue West, west of the station:

  • on the north side between Fairleigh Crescent and Park Hill Road for westbound buses
  • on the south side between Atlas Avenue and Winnett Avenue for eastbound buses

Each bus bay will serve up to three buses at a time and will be covered, with curbs installed to ensure pedestrian safety.

Transit riders travelling to and from Eglinton West Station by bus will be required to walk to and from the temporary bus bay or the nearest stop.

Customer service representatives will be available to assist customers navigating between the station and the bus bay.

Crossing guards will also be in place during peak periods.

When transferring between Line 1 and buses boarding outside Eglinton West Station, customers must provide proof-of-payment. PRESTO customers must tap when entering a subway station and when boarding a vehicle to ensure their proof-of-payment is verified. Customers paying by cash, tickets or tokens must obtain a paper transfer where they paid their fare.


Eglinton West Station will remain open during the bus loop closure, however, due to elevator maintenance at times during this period the station will not be fully accessible. Wheel-Trans will be diverted to Lawrence West and St Clair West stations. Check the accessible alternatives for Eglinton West Station for more information.

Bus route changes

63A Ossington to Eglinton West Station
Will be temporarily suspended.

63B Ossington to St Clair
Will not change and will continue to turn back south at Oakwood Loop.

163 Oakwood (new)
This new, temporary route will operate from Ossington Station to Lawrence West Station via Ossington Avenue, Oakwood Avenue and Marlee Avenue. This route will replace the 63A Ossington service.

109 Ranee
Will turn back north at Lawrence West Station.

32D Eglinton West to Eglinton West Station
The 32D Eglinton West route will be extended to Eglinton Station.

Signage will be in place and TTC ambassadors will be on-site during the transition period to help transit riders navigate the area.

 Map showing the 109 Ranee and the new 163 Oakwood routes terminating at Lawrence West Station, and the 32ACD Eglinton West routes terminating at Eglinton Station.

View a PDF version of the map Link opens in PDF document

Hours of work

Construction will take place seven days per week from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. Construction hours are subject to change; overnight work may be required.

Travel during construction

Travel delays and bus stop relocations along Eglinton Avenue are expected with the Eglinton Crosstown construction. Please allow extra time for your journey. Traffic will be extra heavy at peak periods during the Crosstown construction.

Stay informed

For more information, please contact Metrolinx’s West Community Office:
West Community Office
1848 Eglinton Avenue West