The System Map shows all routes operating in Toronto.

TTC has undertaken a map redesign to make it easier for customers to read. This includes identifying different services more readily, showing bus and streetcar routes more clearly, and reducing clutter. Design improvements include enlarged map scale, reorganized and new line types for surface routes and a simplified background.

We'd like to hear from you regarding the redesign - you can give us your feedback by emailing us at

Updates in the redesigned map

Map Scale   

  • The scale of the map has been enlarged so that the City of Toronto fills the page. This creates more room on the map for clearer representation of routes, route numbers, and other information.

New Look for Surface Routes   

  • Routes are shown using different line widths and styles and have been reorganized into 6 line types – frequent service, regular service, limited service, express service, limited express and community bus service.
  • Where the frequent portion of a route ends, the line type reflects the type of service that continues.
  • All routes are now shown separate from each other.
  • Route numbers are now placed alongside the lines representing the routes, and in terminal boxes that are placed at the terminal point of a branch of a route, except where the terminal is at a subway station. Small on-street loops have been replaced with a termination box.
  • The directional arrow for a route has been simplified. The arrow’s location on a loop has been placed as close as possible to its beginning to improve clarity.
  • Where two or more lines are present the route numbers are read left to right, for routes shown from outside to inside.

Background Map   

  • Cluttered road network has been reduced to only display street names relevant to surface routes.