Detailed description for 75 Sherbourne

This route is accessibleThis route has bicycle racks

The 75 Sherbourne bus route operates between the area of Queens Quay East and Lower Jarvis Street, Sherbourne Station on the Bloor-Danforth Subway, and the area of South Drive and Glen Road, generally in a north-south direction. Accessible service is provided on the route. Bike racks are available on this route.

One single service is operated: the 75 (Queens Quay-South Drive) branch operates at all times, seven days a week. At certain times of the week these buses alternate trips with the 82 Rosedale bus route. These trips are identified as the 75A (Queens Quay-South Drive & Summerhill) branch on schedules only. There is no change to the service or routing on the 75 Sherbourne route.

Northbound 75 TO SOUTH DRIVE

These buses operate from Queens Quay East and Lower Jarvis Street via north on Lower Jarvis Street, east on The Esplanade, north on Sherbourne Street, stopping outside Sherbourne Station, continuing north on Sherbourne Street North, east on Maple Avenue, north on Glen Road, east on Elm Avenue, and north and west on South Drive to Glen Road.

Southbound 75 TO QUEENS QUAY

These buses operate from South Drive and Glen Road via south on Glen Road, west on Elm Avenue, south on Sherbourne Street North, stopping opposite Sherbourne Station, continuing south on Sherbourne Street, south on Lower Sherbourne Street, and west on Queens Quay East to Lower Jarvis Street.

All buses on the route serve local bus stops along the route.