Interested in Becoming a TTC Transit Enforcement Officer?

Transit Enforcement Officer patch
There are new application procedures for this position. A career as a TTC Transit Enforcement Officer means to serve our customers and our employees by ensuring their safety through order maintenance, crime prevention, enforcement and inspection.

TTC Transit Enforcement Officers

  • TTC Transit Enforcement Officers carry out a variety of activities to enhance public and TTC employee safety and deal with emergencies.
  • As part of the TTC’s strategy to reduce crime, the Transit Patrol Section conducts walking and mobile patrols, fare evasion inspections and law enforcement activities throughout the transit system.

For your safety

TTC Transit Enforcement Officers work in partnership with the Toronto, Peel, and York Regional Police Services and with the community to put your safety and security first, system-wide (including TTC routes outside Toronto).

Examples of TTC By-Laws & Fines Offence

  • Smoking on TTC property - $235 ($195 fine + $40 victim/court surcharge)
  • Refuse to pay fare - $235 ($195 fine + $40 victim/court surcharge)
  • Cause a disturbance on TTC property - $235 ($195 fine + $40 victim/court surcharge)

Safety innovations

TTC Transit Enforcement staff also develop programs to improve public safety. They review and recommend improvements to TTC stations, facilities and apply CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles to ensure risks are controlled. TTC Transit Enforcement Officers are also involved in the delivery of security awareness training programs to front line TTC employees to help them carry out their role as TTC Safety Partners. TTC Transit Enforcement Officers participate in Police Community Liaison Committees to discuss crime prevention initiatives.

Subway safety and security measures

Here's what you can look for:

  • Passenger Assistance Alarm (yellow strips) on subway and RT cars
  • Telephone/radio contact between vehicle Operators and Transit Control
  • Designated Waiting Area (DWA) on subway platforms
  • Security mirrors throughout the transit system

Platform intercom enables direct contact with the Collector. Please visit the Safety and Security page for more details and to familiarize yourself with these safety features.

Fighting crime together

The TTC has partnered with Crime Stoppers to fight crime on the TTC and in the community. Rewards are offered for information on graffiti, vandalism, ticket, token and Metropass counterfeiting and assaults on passengers and TTC employees. In addition, important messages on major Crime Stoppers’ initiatives in the broader community are displayed on TTC buses, streetcars and in Collector Booths and on Platform Video Screens.

How to reduce the risk of vehicle theft:

  • Lock it and pocket the key
  • Keep car keys and house keys on separate rings
  • Do not hide an extra key on the outside of the car
  • Lock valuables in the trunk or glove compartment
  • Park in well-lit and busy places

Report suspicious cars and persons – call the police immediately if you suspect a theft. Common sense is your best defence.