Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Have you got your PRESTO card yet? TTC Metropass now on PRESTO

The implementation of PRESTO continues apace across the TTC.

Work is well underway to convert the remaining turnstiles and high gates in subway stations to modern, efficient, paddle-style equipment that feature PRESTO readers.

Obtaining a PRESTO card has never been easier with 53 Shoppers Drug Mart stores now selling with more coming by the end of this month.

All TTC stations will soon be equipped with self-serve machines where customers can check their balance and reload their card. By year end, we will start to receive machines that also sell PRESTO cards.

By the end of 2018, the TTC will have phased out tokens, tickets and passes in favour of PRESTO. Adult and Senior Metropass users are strongly encouraged to now switch to PRESTO to continue to reap the benefits of the Metropass without the need to line up to buy a new pass every month. MDP customers will begin the switch to PRESTO starting in 2018.


Further details about how to switch to PRESTO can be found at and at

It’s the easy way to get around in Toronto.

Reminder: Dundas Station early closure ended

The recent early station closures to accommodate faregate construction at Dundas Station are over and regular service has resumed. The TTC continues to modernize faregates throughout the system, replacing old turnstiles with the new PRESTO-enabled paddle gates. The following stations are currently under construction:

  • St Patrick
  • Davisville
  • Kipling
  • Islington
  • Dundas West
  • King
  • Spadina
  • Broadview
  • Scarborough Centre
  • Don Mills

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to modernize the TTC. For more on PRESTO and to see station construction schedules, visit

Countdown to Line 1 extension: 10 Weeks!
York University Station

For the weeks leading up to the opening of the Line 1 extension, we will be giving you facts about the TTC’s six stunning stations, and exclusive stories of TTC employees who will be working on the extension once it opens. Here’s an overall look at the work we’ve been doing building the 8.6-km extension:

  • 17.4 km of double track and power rail laid.
  • Enough excavated soil to fill the Rogers Centre was used to build the six new stations and subway tunnels (1,400,000 m3).
  • 10 CN Towers worth of concrete was used (400,000 m3).
  • 9,000 rings of precast tunnel liners installed (54,000 segments)
  • 430,000 kg of earth dug by each tunnel boring machine (equivalent to 280 cars).
  • 70,000 tonnes of rebar was used to build the extension — that’s the weight of 11,700 elephants

The TTC’s Line 1 subway extension into York Region opens December 17. Watch this space for more fun facts and news.

Use the TTC Day Pass this Thanksgiving weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend, explore the city using the TTC’s Day Pass. For just $12.50, the pass provides unlimited travel for a group of up to six people, maximum two adults over 19.

Passes are valid from the date shown on the pass until 5:30 a.m. the next day. For this weekend, the passes will be available through Monday. Purchase a pass at any collector booth or participating TTC fare agent.

Employee Profile
Paul Leow - Station Collector

Name: Paul Leow 
Position: Station Collector
Years of service: 11

Before I came to the TTC 11 years ago, I worked for Hilton hotels. I like being at a gate more than inside the collector booth because working with people is my passion that I carried over from my last job. Making customers have a good experience when they enter the system is my focus. I try to make people’s days better since most commuters are in the system twice a day, five times a week. It’s really hard for me to express what it feels like to make someone’s day, but the one message I want to send to everyone reading this is to work on making today a good day. When there’s nothing left to give, there’s still one we can give to each other every day: kindness.

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