Fare increase coming on March 1, 2020

TTC fares will be increasing on March 1, 2020. The adult cash fare will remain the same at $3.25, while the cash fare for all other fare types will increase by $0.10. This also includes PRESTO pay-as-you-go payment. The cost of monthly passes will also be increased across all fare types.

Fares Adult Youth / Senior*
13-19 years / 65+
Cash $3.25
PRESTO $3.20
PRESTO Ticket $3.25 (one-ride), $6.50 (two-ride) $13.50 (day pass)
TTC Monthly Pass $156.00
$201.90 (includes Downtown Express)
$174.05 (includes Downtown Express)
Also available for eligible full-time post-secondary students
12 Month Pass $143.00
$188.90 (includes Downtown Express)
$163.35 (includes Downtown Express)

Children 12 years and under ride for free.

*Photo ID required for Youth 16 and over and Seniors; TTC photo required for full-time eligible Post-Secondary Students.