There is no price increase to Metropasses, as well as the price of all senior and student fares for the first part of 2016. Senior/student tickets from last year are valid and do not need to be returned for refund.

Adult Senior (65+) /
Student (13-19)
Single fare
$3.25 $2.00
Tickets &
Tokens $2.90
Minimum 3 tokens for $8.70
Senior/student ticket $1.95
Tickets sold in multiples of 5 senior/student tickets for $9.75
PRESTO $2.90 $1.95
Weekly Pass $42.25 $33.00
$141.50 $112.00
Metropass Discount Plan (MDP) $129.75 $102.75
Downtown Express
In addition to your regular fare.
$3.25 cash or token
or Monthly Express Sticker for $41.50
$2.00 cash,
Senior/Student ticket,
or Monthly Express Sticker for $41.50


Other Fare Information
12 years of age and under.
Post-Secondary Metropass $112.00
Day Pass $12.00
GTA Weekly Pass $61.00

Paying fares

The TTC fare information that is posted at point of purchase is final.

Buying Tickets, Tokens and Passes

You can purchase TTC tickets, tokens and passes in a number of different ways. Learn about buying tokens in various quantities.