There are a number of ways you can purchase TTC Tickets, Tokens and Passes.

Collector Booths

Located at every subway station, this is where you can pay your fare, and purchase tickets, tokens and passes. Tickets, Tokens and Weekly Passes can be purchased by cash only.

  • Tokens are sold in various quantities.
    • 3 tokens for $8.10
    • 4 tokens for $10.80
    • 5 tokens for $13.50
    • 7 tokens for $18.90
    • 10 tokens for $27.00
    • 20 tokens for $54.00
    • 50 tokens for $135.00
  • Senior/Student tickets are sold in multiples of five or ten.
    • 5 tickets for $9.25
    • 10 tickets for $18.50
  • Child tickets are sold in multiples of ten for $6.00.

Buying a monthly Metropass or a Downtown Premium Express Sticker at a Collector Booth is now easier

Subway station Collector Booths accept debit card and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) for Metropass purchases and Downtown Premium Express Stickers.

Authorized TTC Fare Media Sellers

Tickets, tokens and passes are also available at over 1,200 Authorized TTC Fare Media Sellers in Toronto. Available fare types and payment method may vary by location. For the locations of Authorized TTC Fare Media Sellers, call Customer Information at 416-393-4636 (INFO) and select "0" for Operator Assisted Service - available from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily, except statutory holidays.

Find your closest Fare Media Seller by searching these PDFs:

Token Vending Machines

Token Vending Machines are available in many stations and dispense tokens in quantities of one, three and seven. Token Vending Machines accept cash only.

Pass Vending Machines   

Located in select Subway Stations, the Pass Vending Machine offers a variety of passes for purchase by debit card and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express).

All passes dispensed through the Pass Vending Machine do not have a validation sticker - passes are valid and ready to use.

Airport Vending Machine

You can purchase single fare tickets at Toronto Pearson International Airport. There are two TTC ticket vending machines in Terminal 1, located at the Public Transit area of the Ground Transportation Level, just inside from where the TTC buses stop (curbside, at column "R").

Use cash or major credit cards anytime of the day or night to purchase Adult, Senior/Student and Child tickets. Detach and deposit the ticket portion into the farebox on the bus - retain your receipt portion. Ask the Driver for a transfer if you are planning to continue your trip on another connecting TTC route.