Adult Senior (65+)/
Student (13/19)
Child (2-12)
Downtown Express Adult $2.70 cash, token
or Monthly Express Sticker for $40.00
Senior (65+) and Student (13-19) $1.95 cash,
Senior/Student ticket,
or Express Sticker for $40.00
Child (2-12) 60¢ cash
or Child ticket

An additional fare, equal to your regular fare, is required for Downtown Express routes. You can also use the Downtown Express Sticker, with your Monthly Metropass.
The monthly Downtown Express Sticker may be purchased for $40.00using a debit card or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

An additional fare is required as listed:

  • Adult: $2.70cash, token or express sticker for $40.00
  • Senior/Student: $1.95 cash, Senior/Student ticket or express sticker for $40.00
  • Child: 60¢cash or Child ticket

An extra fare is required for all the TTC Downtown Express Routes:

  • 141 Downtown/Mt Pleasant Express
  • 142 Downtown/Avenue Road Express
  • 143 Downtown/Beach Express
  • 144 Downtown/Don Valley Express
  • 145 Downtown/Humber Bay Express