Adult Senior (65+)/
Student (13-19)
Downtown Express Adult $2.80 cash, token
or Monthly Express Sticker for $40.00
Senior (65+) and Student (13-19) $1.95 cash,
Senior/Student ticket,
or Express Sticker for $40.00

An additional fare, equal to your regular fare, is required for Downtown Express routes. Metropass holders can also purchase a monthly Downtown Express Sticker.

The monthly Downtown Express Sticker may be purchased at all subway stations for $40.00.


  • Adult: $2.80 cash, token or Downtown Express sticker
  • Senior/Student: $1.95 cash, Senior/Student ticket or Downtown Express sticker

TTC Downtown Express Routes

  • 141 Downtown/Mt Pleasant Express
  • 142 Downtown/Avenue Road Express
  • 143 Downtown/Beach Express
  • 144 Downtown/Don Valley Express
  • 145 Downtown/Humber Bay Express