Effective September 3, 2017, the TTC will discontinue the time-based transfer program on the 512 St Clair route. Customers will be required to pay again if they choose to end their journey along the route for any length of time.

Valid at transfer points on day of issue for a one-way continuous trip - or as otherwise noted on the transfer.

If your trip involves connecting routes and requires a transfer, in subway stations you can get one from the automated transfer machine after you pay your fare and pass through the turnstiles. On buses and streetcars, ask the Operator for a transfer after you pay your fare. Note: Pass holders do not require, and are not entitled to receive, a transfer.

Walking Transfers

In some cases, two routes operate near each other but do not serve the same intersection and do not have any stops in common. In these cases, where specifically identified, customers can use paper transfers to transfer between routes at the walking transfer locations.