The TTC has introduced a new Time Based Transfer Pilot Program along the 512 St Clair route. 

What is a time based transfer?

A Time Based Transfer allows you to travel for up to two hours on the 512 St Clair route.

You can board a 512 St Clair streetcar or bus at any stop, in any direction, until the expiry time shown.

How do I use a Time Based Transfer?
Keep and show your Time Based Transfer to the Operators each time your board. On routes other than 512 St Clair, the transfer is valid at the connecting route transfer points only, until the expiry time shown.
How long is a Time Based Transfer valid?
The Time Based Transfer is valid until the expiry time shown.
Where do I get a Time Based Transfer?
A Time Based Transfer is only available from a 512 St Clair Operator.