If you have a valid transfer or pass, you can board at any streetcar stop on Queen Street, The Queensway or Lake Shore Blvd using the centre or rear doors from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, every day. At less busy stops, the driver may open the front doors only, depending on the number of customers boarding.

When boarding at the front doors you must pay a fare or show a valid transfer or pass. When you pay your fare you will receive a transfer overprinted with "POP". Remember - subway transfers taken from Osgoode or Queen Station are not valid for travel on the ROUTE 501 Queen streetcar.

  • Transfers issued on the 501 Queen and 301 Queen (Blue Night) streetcars are overprinted with "POP".

All stops on the route display the "POP" logo as a reminder that the Proof Of Payment system is in use.

POP TTC's Proof-of-Payment Fare System Board via rear doors with valid pass or transfer

All streetcar stops on Lake Shore Blvd, The Queensway and Queen Street are marked with a special POP decal. During busy periods, drivers will open all doors to allow customers to board. As a courtesy, remember to let passengers exit from the car before trying to board. At other times, loading will be primarily through the front doors, although drivers will use the centre and/or rear doors if passenger volume is sufficient.

In addition to route 501 QUEEN streetcars, the 502 DOWNTOWNER and 503 KINGSTON RD streetcars will use the POP system, but only while travelling on Queen Street. Route 508 LAKE SHORE cars will use POP while travelling on Lake Shore Blvd.

The POP fare collection is in effect from Long Branch Loop to Neville Park Loop.

  • Cyclists and motorists are cautioned to be on the lookout for customers stepping off the curb to board streetcars on Queen Street at the centre or rear doors.

Proof of Payment Enforcement

TTC Transit Enforcement Officers can enforce the TTC By-Law and the POP fare system. Uniformed Transit Enforcement Officers will travel Queen Street, The Queensway and Lake Shore Boulevard and make random checks of streetcars at any point on the route. Keep your transfer, pass or "PROOF OF PAYMENT" transfer handy so that you can quickly show your proof of payment when requested. A summons may be issued if you cannot produce proof of payment, and even stiffer penalties will be applied against repeat offenders.

For more details on POP call our Customer Information office at 393-4636.